A426 Aylestone Road Bus Corridor

First consulted on in 2009, Aylestone Road has been highlighted as being particularly congested, which has adverse effects on bus journey times. A joint bid was submitted to the Better Bus Improvement Fund by the city and county which was approved in March 2012. The bid consists of physical changes to the route to make more bus lanes and change some significant junctions along the route.

Because this is a bid to improve bus journey times, cycling gets little mention (except as an option in travel planning – leaflets coming soon). However, this is a significant route into Leicester and this scheme could make conditions significantly better for cycling along that route. .

Consultation on the plans took place in October 2012.

Update 6/1/2012

The scheme has been approved by Leicestershire county council, much to the dismay of the anti campaign on the county end of the A426. Leicester city council has published more documents on the scheme, including a recommendation from the planners that the council approves it.

News stories on the bid

Leicester Mercury (plenty of stories!)


Consultation Docs

Leicestershire CC project webpage

Project consultation flyer

Our response to the Consultation Document


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