LCCG Meeting 4/2/2013 Minutes


  • discussed the need more official supporters so that we have a stronger mandate when talking to decision makers
  • decision to have more recruitment stalls and flyer at events, and maybe flyer bikes
  • we want to have more input from members to direct what we do
  • decision to do a survey to gather data about barriers to cycling and ideas for what the public would like us to campaign on to make things better for cyclists

Green Light

  • planned to have a stall & do new survey there

News: Rail Station have got £600,000 for a ‘bike hub’

  • everyone happy!
  • discussed if we could or if we need to have any input on these plans – need to check that they have input from local cyclists, so that they cater appropriately for our needs

Had a meeting with Peter Soulsby

  • discussed Aylestone Road bus lane proposal and related cycling issues – he is supportive, but needs still to persuade planners and appease the anti-campaign
  • he is looking at the whole network of cycle routes and improving & expanding them
  • he’s very keen on taking out some lanes on main roads where not needed and widening pavements & putting in cycle lanes instead
  • Jubilee Sq – we brought up  the need to improving cycling provision on routes leading to Jubilee Sq, e.g. arterial routes, as well as considering cycling in the plans for the actual square
  • discussed maintenance of cycle infrastructure – making it part of normal maintenance, not something special
  • he’s keen to invite us back for regular consultation / discussion of cycling issues


We plan to have a meeting with the new PCC, to raise cyclists’ needs up his agenda and suggest ways they could better deter car drivers from driving dangerously around cyclists and improve the road environment for cyslists.

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