LCCG Meeting 4/3/13 Minutes


  • Eric Ludlow
  • Anna Scull
  • Claire Scott
  • Steve Massey
  • Dave Warnock
  • Grant Denkinson
  • Mat Scull


PCC response

Eric shared a draft response to Leicestershires Police and Crime plan (

MS to get some accident stats to EL for inclusion.

EL – reminder about the positive effects of people on bikes passing through neighbourhoods – crime reduction potential.

Due in 8th March, comments to EL.


MS to make sure new signup sheet is distributed.
SM continuing work on questionnaire for Green Light festival (16th Mar) – aiming to signup lots of new members.

Green Light Festival

We have a stall. AS to make a rota for manning it.

AS looking into possibility of stickers for GL fest.

AS liasing with Lou re membership cards.

A426 Aylestone Road bus corridor

Despite our repeated representations to the city and county councils, it appears there will be precious little benefit for cyclists along this busy road coming from this project. EL to draft a press release highlighting our disappointment, especially in light of the warm words from LCC re sustainable transport.

A new leaflet was delivered to homes along the route on the 4th March and the Leicester County Council website has been updated with the latest plans ( The published plans omit the large, busy, and very unpleasant junction with Soar Valley Way – it’s almost like they’re hiding the lack of protection for cyclists using this route.

Great Central Way drive through

Grant highlighted the planning notices posted around the junction of Great Central Way and Upperton Road for a drive through takeaway. It was agreed that this would change the character of the area, attract more traffic to the area and is likely to increase litter along this largely natural cycle and footpath. Comments may be submitted via the link on

The committee meeting re this application is on 13th March; the publicity period ended on 18/12/12.

Railway Station bike parking

East Midlands Trains has been awarded £600,000ish or our (taxpayers) money to create 300ish parking stations at the station. There appear to be no conditions attached to this, or any need to consult with users of bikes or the station – the possible location of the bike parking was discussed at the Cycle City Workshop on 20th Feb but that was it. Cost, access, opening hours are all unknown.

AS to contact Andy Salkeld for a contact at EMT.

EL to write to EMT requesting a meeting to discuss the bike parking.

Newarke St update

The lane closure is still in place, with a sign inviting cyclists to play ‘shoot the gap’, ‘dodge the debris’ and ’emerge into a lane of cars with no warning for anybody’. MS has emailed some photos to and is awaiting a response from the Transportation & Economic Development Team.

LCC is awaiting the outcome of a funding bid to finance this development. LCCG still looking for physical separation along this route to prevent it becoming an unofficial carpark.

Cycle City Aspiration bid

This is a significant investment from central government which LCC intends to apply for. Meeting on Weds 14th with Andy Salkeld to discuss what we thing should be funded – all welcome.

More info

Disability Group

Date set for 19th March, 10am. Charlotte Jones & EL to attend.

We think there is some common purpose between them & us re our aims for the city and transport infrastructure, hoping they’ll agree.

Meeting closed around 8pm. MS

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