Update 25/3/2013

Despite numerous representations to Leicestershire County Council (the lead on this project), LCCG remain unconvinced that the work planned for the A426 will significanty improve conditions for cyclists on this route. There will be some more bus lanes but these are non continuous and there will be no attempt to give cyclists space or time to get across the large and intimidating junction at Soar Valley way, or the complex Middleton St / Wigston lane junction.

It is also clear that the route will still not appeal to anybody other than those willing to cycle in heavy traffic – (understandably) a minority in Leicester.

This is largely due to the fact that this project was explicitly aimed at improving conditions for bus users – the bid ignored the needs of cyclists.

A crumb of comfort may be found in plans from Leicester City Council to make Granby Road two way for cyclists but this project is in its early stages.


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