LCCG Meeting 1/4/13 Minutes

LCCG Meeting minutes – 1st April 2013

Attended: Mike, Elizabeth, Chris, Dave, Jane, Eric, Mat, Charlotte, Andy

  1. Train station bike park – EM trains have won funding from DoT, £600,000 to build a bike park and repair shop at Leicester Station – they’re having a meeting to hear our views and suggestions, on Thurs.
    ACTION: Several people going. Ideas to take – make sure it has easy access, good security, most people agreed no need for showers, it should be free, need to be able to come and go 24 hours a day and leave bike over long periods, make sure we give advice on best stands for locking to.
  2. Aylestone Meadows Appreciation Society would like our support in their campaign to get better Grand Central Way access.
    ACTION: Mat to email back, to say yes we will support them and suggesting some of us could help with a photo shoot ,to get images to use in the campaign.
  3. Should we start a campaign around getting bus drivers to not stop in Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs) – Arriva being possibly the worst perpetrators? General agreement that the worst perpetrators should be contacted. Some reservations about targeting bus drivers and not car drivers – but counter point is that the bus drivers, being professionals, should set a good example, and they are a group with a central point we can contact. We want to gather evidence (anecdotal or photos). Could stand by ASLs and photograph buses stopping. Could use Facebook to get others to gather evidence. ACTION: a few people agreed to start gathering photographic evidence.
  4. Leic Disabled People’s Access Group. Went to a meeting with them. Very positive. Put out a press release but it didn’t get printed. what next?
    ACTION: Eric to meet up with them again and suggest a new code of conduct
  5. Riverside Festival – Sat / Sun 1st/2nd – we’ll have a stall in the Green Light Festival tent. A few different activities suggested – ‘design a road junction’ and/or giant size ‘Cycle Paths and Traffic Jams’ snakes & ladders game. Demonstration Semex truck – apparently they will come to events and show how they’ve made their trucks safer for driving round cyclists – it was decided that wasn’t really for us to do, maybe suggest to LCC.
    ACTION: Charlotte/Steve to organise stall. Anna, Mat, Charlotte and Steve to man it – others to be recruited.
  6. Are we interested in meeting Cllr Sarah Russell (Westcotes), Leic West MP Liz Kendall and Dept Mayor Rory Palmer (health)? And what for?
    All agreed yes we should meet them. Things they could help on: Cllrs – making sure that all road user’s needs are met in new road developments – we can advise them of cyclist needs. Dept Mayor – will be easy to think of some way of getting him to put promoting cycling on his agenda, in a health related way. We could also ask them what we can do to help them in promoting cycling in Leicester – perhaps providing information and an quick and easy support base if they need back up on a cycle related issue.
  7. Membership – we now at 80 members! Discussion around if the membership fee should be compulsory or ‘suggested donation’. Some felt it was prohibiting some potential new members. Others felt that £2 wouldn’t be prohibitive enough for most, and on balance the fact that it shows just little bit more strength in their support of us, that it is worth it. Some felt we need to be clearer about what we need the money for (at the moment – just leaflet printing costs)
    ACTION: Decision to keep it compulsory.

Next Meeting: Monday 6th May
New venue: The Exchange – downstairs room booked


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