Newarke St

Leicester has won funding from the DfT to take a lane out of Newarke St and use the space to improve the pedestrian and cycle links between the DMU campus and New Walk / the city centre.

We presented a document to Councillors Clayton and Clarke outlining how we think the Newarke St bike facilities should look.

Update 9pm – Cllr Clayton has taken our document to the Mayor who read the whole thing. Thanks Neil!



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2 responses to “Newarke St

  1. Chris M

    Not bad, but since New Walk is supposedly no cycling, this is really only going to create a joined-up route for pedestrians, not cyclists.

    • leicsccg

      That’s one way to look at it. There are plans to improve Pocklingtons Walk to continue into town. Also, when the New Walk Centre comes down, it’s likely that there will be a better link to King St.