LCCG Meeting 3/6/13 Actions

In Attendance

Steve, Andy W, Chisha, Clare, Elizabeth, Dave W, Eric, Andy B, Anna, Mat

 Action Points


Assigned to

1 Publicity info – create a list of our resources


2 Meet (on 10th?) to discuss an infrastructure tour for council directors (and possibly East Mids cycle conference)

DW / AS / MS

3 Email Peter Soulsby re Newarke – time running out


4 Organise a flyer drop to bike shops / bike friendly cafes / pubs


5 Create a blog page for new members – give SM edit access


6 Open a bank account so we can do online signups


7 Meet to discuss website improvements


8 Contact Grant re website hosting & move


9 Read & discuss EB’s document re strategy by Mon 10th


10 Create a web page directing people to the mailing list & strategy discussion


11 Get the constitution on the website


12 Send another membership email re structure & aims.


13 Come up with ideas for a venue for the East Mids cycle forum meeting


14 Discuss online signup methods


15 Contact Hugh McClintock re East Mids Cycle forum


Other notes

East midlands cycle forum – yes, we do want to host it.

The Shared Spaces Code of Conduct is still being developed with the LDPAG

We need to take more photos when we meet people – eg SPS at the Riverside on Sat.

T-shirts would be good for events – make us look much more credible

Local Access forum meetings is on ???

We now have had 1600 leaflets printed.

Steve has recently emailed all members with an update on what we’ve been up to.

The “somewhere to” youth project is were doing questionnaires on cycling – Tina has information collected on the day (EB?).

Points for our next SPS meeting

Push for quarterly meetings with him

We need better representation & access to planning than we currently get through the CCW

Riverside Festival

Around 40 new members signed up, lots of positive interaction with the general public

Notes for future events

More eyecatching material – PICTURES


We need a new homepage, need a news page, images.


On the back of our meeting with Liz Kendall, EB has started a document outlining our overall aims for cycling in Leicester, split into parliamentary constituencies (West, East, South). Initial drafts to the discussion group with links to a document on the website.

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