Granby Street


In 2010 / 2011, Granby Street finally got a cycle contraflow which links Halford St to Rutland St. Now, cyclists can legally ride directly from the clocktower to the railway station. It’s not a bad facility, apart from one point – the junction with Northampton street. Here, cyclists who have used the weird Rutland St crossing and have continued along Granby St on the largely observed car-free cycle lane to Rutland St are faced with car drivers turning right across them – many of whom don’t expect cycle coming from their right and don’t give way to them.

We think this is unacceptably dangerous and an accident waiting to happen and call on the City Council to improve this junction.

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  1. alex

    This entire lane is like an obstacle course and consequently, as a fairly inexperienced cyclist, I now avoid it. Taxis wait in it, cars obstruct it while parking, cars use it as a right turn lane and, most annoying of all, drivers think it’s amusing when you are forced to dismount.
    I guess driving culture in this country will have to change an awful lot before lanes like this are safe. Until then, perhaps this lane should’ve been built as an outer extension to the pavement.