Cyclists do not deserve such Twitter abuse

LCCG’s Eric Ludlow reflects on current concerns over Twitter abuse and it’s effect on cyclists in the Leicester Mercury’s First Person column:


Cyclists do not deserve such Twitter abuse

Who do you hate? Not just dislike  or have little time for  but actively, angrily hate? The answer for many, it seems is cyclists. The spotlight is now on Twitter for giving a platform to those who want to verbally abuse women.

While all would condemn such  ill-treatment,  I would like to highlight here the part that the same social media outlet plays in the abuse of cyclists.

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2 responses to “Cyclists do not deserve such Twitter abuse

  1. I am not surprised that cyclist on the pavements are hated so much for I am one of probably many pedestrians who have fallen prey to accidents with cyclists and am now severely disabled and on morphine and numerous other pain killers that have little effect on the abject agony that I will have to endure for the rest of my life.

    Yours in abject agony…Anonimous

  2. John – I am sorry to hear about the injuries you have suffered and the impact they have had on your life. Be assured that I do not condone those who put others at risk, whether they are driving a motor vehicle or riding a bike. But my point in the article was that it is wrong to hold everyone responsible for the actions of a few. I drive a car for a living and regularly see examples of poor, dangerous irresponsible driving. But that doesn’t make me want to abuse or vilify all motorists as a result. Surely the same should apply where cyclists are concerned?