Newarke St update Oct 7th

So, after months of telling all who would listen at the City Council how important it is for a cycle lane to be useless for car parking, the plans were finally published. With no bollards, armadillos or anything you can’t drive over – just a 125mm kerb to keep vehicles off (“we do not to intend to install any bollards until and if such a need arises”. The safety audit also identifies this as a problem – but not one that will be addressed immediately.

We asked how the facility will be monitored, when and how a decision will be taken to separate the lane. No plans, just “The case of monitoring I am sure will be done by those who will be using it but as its close proximity to the offices we will also be looking at it.”

This is unacceptable. The trial phase of this project had vehicles parked on the cycle facility. All cycle facilities in the area have cars parked on then on a regular basis and cars parked here will force cyclists into a busy traffic lane or a footpath.

So, when it’s completed (expected before Christmas), if you see a vehicle parked on the Newarke St cycle lane, PLEASE PLEASE take a photo and send it to us.

You can tweet pictures to @leicesterccg , put them on our facebook site or email them to us.

Thanks – you can help make Leicester better for cycling.

Here are a couple of photos to show how Leicester drivers enjoy parking illegally on new cycle facilities (and test out our gallery capabilities). Thanks to vyber man on youtube for the head-on shot.

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