LCCG minutes 4/11/2013

Present – Neil, Eric, Anna, Dave, Elizabeth, Gaz, Gary, Mat

Agenda items

  1. City vs County campaigning
  2. EMCF feedback
  3. Consultative status
  4. Response to discrepancy between plans we see & infra that is built
  5. The Mayor
  6. AGM
  7. Bus station plans
  8. Politician rides
  9. AOB


  1. Elizabeth spoke about the structure within the City highways / planning depts and how it differs from the structure within the County.
    Actions – EB to contact the County to see if we can meet to discuss how we can work together & input to schemes on the border of the city.
    – EB to produce a diagram of the structure within highways in the city
  2. The East Midlands Cycle Forum on Oct 26th went well – good feedback from some of the visiting campaigns.
    Action – MS to email SPS & RP with some notes & link to Simon Geller’s writeup
  3. Despite RP’s playing down of the benefits of consultative status at the EMCF, it is used to good effect by other campaigns, notably Chesterfield and Derby where councils contact the campaign and share plans ahead of meetings. This is something we will pursue, aiming for separate meetings to the Cycle City Workshop where transparent, minuted and formalised consultation can take place.
  4. This overflows into item 3. Despite having seen plans at the CCW for both Newarke St and Southgates, details such as the lamp posts in the middle of Newarke St and the signposts adorning Southgates were not on these plans. It was noted that the minutes from the CCW are lacking in detail and that the comments made re plans brought are not shared publicly. Responses to these comments are not shared either.
    Action – EL to write to SPS, Barry Pritchard and Steve James highlighting these issues and lead into a request for formal consultation and meetings on schemes.
  5. Followed on – request for quarterly meeting
  6. AGM date set for Sat 8th February.
    Action – Dave volunteered to organise it and put out a request for speaker suggestions.
  7. The flythrough for the Charles St bus station at very cleverly shows the new bus station – including a generous 8 sheffield stand bike racks. Not shown is the flying bikes or bike racks on the buses that must exist – necessary because there is absolutely nothing on the road to provide for safe cycling. Not even a token advanced stop lane. The concept design images are just as disappointing. Consultation has already taken place on this scheme – comments were made in the CCW but not made public and neither were the responses.
    Action – MS has asked Andy Salkeld for a copy of the CCW response from the consultation earlier this year.
  8. The effect on Deputy Mayor Rory Palmer of taking him for a ride round Leicester was noted at the EMCF. We need to invite more politicians and decision makers out.
  9. Nutin’

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