LCCG minutes 2/12/2013

Attended: Mat, Dave, Clare, Ted, Neil, Gary, Charlotte, Michael, Patrick and Eric

– Haymarket bus station redevelopment – we have an opportunity to comment on plans – we generally agreed that didn’t look very cycle friendly & discussed a few solutions – ACTION: Mat, Dave and Eric to work on this

– Newarke St – cycle path completed, but there’s often cars parked on it – something they and our group predicted – our suggested solution is physical barriers all along (ticketing will only help in short term). Agreed that need to praise LCC for the path, before criticising lack of action on parking problems. ACTION: Mat collecting photos of offenders – ALL welcome to contribute. Next steps – put in a complaint to LCC and/or do media campaign about it.

– Troon Way / new Sainsbury’s – posts in middle of new cycle path are to be moved. Generally bad provision for anyone not arriving by car. There’s quite a bit of cycle parking, but no signage from the road, so you wouldn’t know it’s there. Ideas for improvement: more signage from road, to lead cyclists to parking point, and covered walkway for pedestrians from bus stop to shop (as there is for car drivers), or bus stop closer to shop. Agreed it’s too late to lobby for these improvements now – but we can learn from this to get in early with comments, when in planning stage.

– Discussion re. ineffectiveness of Cycle City Workshop. There’s is no evidence to show that comments that participants make on plans in the workshop are passed to planners/developers and what their response is. ACTION: Mat and others will soon meet with Peter Soulsby and might ask about LCCG being a statutory consultation body ourselves – to be consulted on any road developments

– Saffron Lane – could do with a cycle lane – ACTION: Mat and Anna will be taking proposals to Cllrs for the area

– Granby St / Northampton St – still dangerous, as cars coming on to Granby don’t expect cyclists coming up to their right, as it’s a contra-flow path, so they are pulling out without looking. Solutions could be stronger signage – STOP sign rather than GIVE WAY, or warning sign re.cyclists, or hump in road / raised platform to slow cars. ACTION: Eric to do media campaign about this

– De Montfort Uni – problems with cars & taxis dropping off by bollards at either end of Mill Lane – dangerous as often backing out just where cyclists and pedestrians are heading between bollards. Solutions – move the bollards further back, so it is less convenient to drop off there, and recreate a drop-off point elsewhere. This’d be very expensive /resource intensive – there will be redevelopment of this road in a year – we need to be ready to advise then, when this work could be done as part of the redevelopment. ACTION: Clare to talk to Ian Murdy (sustainable transport man at DMU) & Neil to help

– Upperbrown St – dangerous contra flow cycle paths and junction – needs working on… may have probs as LCC have just done all the work on Newarke St which is parallell, so they might just say cyclists should use that. However it is a main thoroughfare for DMU staff & students… ideas & discussion to be continued.

– LCCG Membership – still need to do more leaflet drops in shops etc. , but have had a few responses / sign ups through leaflets ACTION: Steve to do / coordinate more

– City of Sanctuary – have a bike loan scheme for Asylum Seekers & Refugees, and struggling to get bikes & get them fixed since Bikes 4 All & Cyclemagic closed. Can anyone help?

– Response to London cycle deaths – Eric did a good article for the paper. ACTION: Ted and Eric to work on getting an article / feature in newspaper about cycling & benefits and safety

– AGM – 8th Feb – ACTION: Dave to book Friends Meeting House. ALL to think of ideas for a good speaker. (Ideas: London Cycling Campaign campaigner? Someone to talk about an inspiring cycling trip they did? Dave Clasby?)

– Next Meeting: Monday 6th January 2014

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