Meeting Minutes – 3 March 2014


Charlotte, Eric, Mat, Neil, Elizabeth, Jamie, Peter, Anna, Dave

Action Points




AGM – 15 members attended. Feedback was very positive especially the films (thanks to Dave Warnock for organising). We now have 3 priorities for each Constituency. Discussion on membership was decided that until we have a functioning bank account we will not take any membership renewals.

Thanks again to all those involved with organising the AGM.


Four members of the campaign are to meet with Peter Soulsby on 4th March. Discussion topics to include:

AGM – members feel overwhelmingly that provision of continuous segregated cycle lanes need to be implemented along arterial routes; this will make the biggest difference to cycling levels.

A round up of current cycle infrastructure including Newarke and Southgates and looking at future developments such as Haymarket Bus Station, Welford Road, London Road and Belgrave Road.

On the lack of proper consultation – As a group we don’t feel the Cycle City Workshop enables good consultation as we don’t see all the plans and when we feed back we don’t get any response. We shall ask for an alternative.

Anna, Mat, Eric, Clare


CycleCity Access Meeting

Anna attended this meeting on 25th February, arranged by an outside consultant hired on behalf of the City Council. In attendance were the city’s cycle officer, a Sustrans officer, a member of the Council’s BUG group, a couple of campaigners from Vista and LDPAG and council officers from the planning and licensing department. There was a lot of talk around the issues faced by disabled people in the city including street furniture and outside cafes and the extension of the pedestrian zone meaning people are needing to walk further. Discussed was the perceived conflict between peds and cyclists, some ideas were shared such as some joint signage. The notes from the meeting will be sent to the group, if anyone wishes to see a full set please contact Anna.

All; Anna


Northampton  Street

Neil has been keeping a close eye on this scheme. The large cobbles that were put in have come loose and have now been taken out. The car parking space hasn’t yet been removed so visibility is still an issue. This will be discussed with Mr Soulsby.

See point 2


There was discussion on the best way to write to the council: is it best for more individuals to do so or an email from the group? Thought that the best plan of action is for a member to write a complaint / issue, send it to Mat the Campaigns officer and if thought right to do so an email will be sent to the council via the LCCG email.

All; Mat


Any spare LCCG email addresses? We have five, two of which are currently active. Mat to speak to Dennis

Mat, Dennis


Greenlight Festival – Charlotte took down names of members who can attend, more help definitely welcome.Anna to order 1000 flyersDecided that we should take our 3 priorities for Constituencies in Leicester.

Eric to contact the Institute of Advanced Motorists





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