Report on AGM, 8 February 2014

15 members attended


  • Several issues are being worked on at the moment; we are generally trying to move from being reactive (eg. to proposed developments affecting cyclists) to also being proactive (putting in proposals ourselves) and have had some successes
  • A few of our suggestions for improvements to the Aylestone Rd bus corridor were used. Leicester City Council seem to be generally conscious of us and are starting to come to us to consult on developments.


  • Many media appearances in the last year; Leicester Mercury has started to approach us for opinions and articles


  • The process to open a bank account is almost complete
  • We have about £220 in hand, mostly from membership fees with some personal donations. We are spending within our income.
  • Agreed that the committee MAY impose a membership ‘fee’ or ‘donation’ this year of £2.00 for an individual or £5.00 for a family of up to two adults plus children.
  • Agreed that committee has leeway to set a policy that allows children to become members (see Membership).
  • Agreed that ‘member benefits’ were less important than campaigning work for members/supporters.


  • We currently have 146 members
  • Planning on more outreach stalls to recruit more members, eg. at Greenlight Festival and Riverside Festival, plus more this year
  • Committee / Mel Gould to work out an appropriate child membership policy (children’s personal details to be kept separately in the meantime)

Changes to Constitution

  • Proposal to take out part of Constitution that says we are obliged to affiliate with Cyclenation – Unanimously agreed
  • Proposal to change the requirement relating to the size of the committee from ‘up to 4 members’ to ‘up to 6 members’ – 14 voted yes, 1 abstained

Nominations to Committee – all unanimously agreed

  • Secretary – Anna Scull
  • Treasurer – Elizabeth Barner
  • Other members – Charlotte Jones, Eric Ludlow, Steve Massey, Clare Scott, Mat Scull and Dave Warnock

Constituency Priorities

Following the formal business, the attendees then spent some time considering, listing and prioritising issues that they wished to be brought to the attention of MPs and councillors in each of the three City constituencies and the City Centre plus some relating to the County.  The top three priorities for each are listed below.  Comments on the priorities are welcome.

1) Melton Road, Belgrave Road and up to city centre – segregated or on-road cycle paths (plus maintenance on what’s already there)
2) Ring road from Abbey Lane / Watermead Way junction up to Scraptoft Lane/Hamilton Way /the hospital – continuous segregated or on-road cycle paths (filling in the gaps of what is already there)
3) Easy and clearly marked cycle paths leading from Abbey Park Rd and Melton and Belgrave Roads to Sustrans Route 6

1) Hinckley Road – continuous segregated or on-road cycle paths along or very near Hinckley Road from the county boundary to city centre. Including widening of the rail bridge by Western Park.
2) Improve cycle safety on junction of Groby Rd, Fosse Rd Nth and Frog Island (see Dutch examples)
3) Bennion Rd on to Anstey Lane and all the way in to city centre – junction improvements and continuous segregated or on-road cycle paths
1) Saffron Lane – continuous segregated or on-road cycle paths from Pork Pie roundabout to city centre
2) Spinney Hill – segregated or on-road cycle path & clearly marked easy route through the area to the city centre
3) Upperton Road / Raw Dykes Rd / Aylestone Rd – continuous segregated or on-road cycle path, and junction improvements
1) St Nicholas Circle – safe cycle route leading up to and all around
2) York Rd and Upper and Lower Brown St junction – safety improvements (enforce parking policies and/or change markings so one traffic flow has to stop at junction and/or close road to cars)
3) Whole city centre – all one-way streets to have contra-flow cycle paths as standard
1) Welford Rd – continuous segregated or on-road cycle path out into the county
2) Fosse Park  – more cycle provision generally and easy and clearly marked access to Grand Central Way
3) Bulls Head Rd (Wigston) – segregated or on-road cycle path

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