May minutes

Riverside Festival – Steve has contacted Andy Salkeld and a space shall be made available for us, probably alongside Sustrans.
Weekend of the 7th and 8th of June.
Anna to bring two gazebos and a table and the gazebo weights, Anna to coordinate with Charlotte.
Call out for a display board
Do we need anything else for a display? – Perhaps some images of new cycle lanes and infrastructure to get peoples opinions. Clare to take some photos and laminate
Anna to order more leaflets
Idea to ask people their favourite place to cycle in Leicestershire.
Steve to send email to group asking for volunteers

Latest Cycle City – some plans made available to view including St Nicholas Circle which is looking promising. Belgrave Flyover site is not looking great, fairly non ambitious. Pavement parking consultation finished. Rebecca Pritchard has been invited to attend a scrutiny committee meeting, she has shared her paper which several groups for comment. Those in the campaign that have seen the document are very happy with it and support it and Rebecca fully.
Humberstone Gate to be discussed at the next meeting, including bike parking (numbers and placement).
Welford Road will also be discussed at the next cycle city.
Success with response to Belgrave flyover – lack of any intermediate cycle lane provision. Assured provision will be made in the future.

Discussion around which models are used to measure the impact of a new design on traffic flow – are they using the best model available. DMU have PHD students working on new transport models which better reflected sustainable forms of transport. Grant will contact this department to see if we could in the future meet.

Elizabeth fed back on the 3 cycle infrastructure conferences / meetings she has attended over the last month. Very interesting info – please ask Elizabeth for further information.


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