August Minutes

In attendance: Mat / John / Mike / Neil / Dennis / Phillipa / Steve / Anna

St Nicholas Circle – Mat gave feedback on the call in over St Nicholas Circle.

A number of councillors including Cllr Kitterick and Cllr Chaplin asked for a call in over the plans – this made the Mercury. The campaign questioned both Cllrs over Twitter as to their concerns and to highlight our disappointment that they were not supporting the new bike lanes. Lucy tweeted back to say she would be happy to meet us.

Mat and Anna went along to Lucy’s surgery. Lucy’s concerns included why money was being spent in the Old Town  when she would like to see London Road improved. We shared our understanding that London Road is one of the next roads to be addressed – and that getting good bike routes around St Nic’s was crucial in enabling cycling from the west into and out of the city.

This was to be discussed in front of a scrutiny committee so M & A attended. Cllr Kitterick opened by complaining that sufficiently detailed plans were not brought to the meeting and asked for it to be postponed by a number of weeks until he had seen and commented upon the plans. It felt like there is some politicking going on with in the Labour group and it felt that a some councillors were objecting as a means of going against the Mayor. This may be something we need to keep an eye on as other cycle related plans may be affected in the same way.


The positives were that LCCG was mentioned in a positive light on a number of occasions in front of 2/3 of all the Cllrs.


A number of councillors also spoke to us about being contacted by their residents over the Space for Cycling Campaign – well done to all of those involved!

Action – to keep engaging with Councillors, reminding them there are votes within the cycle community and that they should keep supporting our aims’

Dennis has been working on accident stats – he is looking to produce an informative poster which we can use to support our campaigning. John and Dennis to share info on this.

Mat shared the website which plots census data on a map and commute. and which shows commuter routes around the city.

A50 – The County and City Council (joint project) have a significant amount of money to be spent along the A50 Corridor. As a campaign we should be pushing for safe cycle facilities for all.

Action – Anna to contact the lead officer on this and ask to see plans and be involved. Second Action– Anna to send an email to LCCG Discuss to invite members to meet and ride along the A50 to put together a wish list, this needs to happen ASAP.

London Road – At a previous meeting at The Guildhall, Peter Soulsby asked for the campaign to put together plans/ideas for improvements to London Road. Action – Anna to send email to LCCG Discuss to meet and ride/walk along London Rd (initially train station to roundabout) and put together wish list.

Sky ride – agreed it was a very important event to attend. Space offered at the Phoenix to have a stall. Action – Steve to send email to group asking for volunteers and to put together a roster.

Action – Dennis to organise collection of display boards with Steve

Train Station Bike Hub was officially opened last week, Neil and Clare attended on behalf of LCCG.

End of meeting


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