Meeting the Mayor – 24th Sept 2014

Dave, Elizabeth and Anna attended a meeting with Mr Soulsby (City Mayor) and Barry Pritchard (Lead Engineer on Connecting Leicester)

It was a very positive meeting predominantly about London Road, how it can be improved for people on bikes.
We talked about what we would expect from a good quality cycle facility on London Road ( segregated/separated from traffic, continuous, security at junctions, for a facility to be on both sides of the road, going with the flow of traffic).
We talked about the difference in space available along London Road, from narrow with lots of street furniture to wide with plenty of space.
We discussed the issues around parking in bus lanes and the parking outside the Train Station (illegal dropping off area)
A major issue will be parking, the council are going to look into the availability of parking on the streets off London Road to enable current on street parking to be used for cycle lanes.
The council will assess the level of traffic along London Road at different times of the day etc
Early stage plans will be developed over the next few weeks, we will look to contact the council in a months time if we haven’t heard anything.
There is still plenty of time to feed in ideas etc…

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