October Minutes

Bike lane parking stickers / leaflets – Discussed if as a group we would support putting flyers on cars which have parked on cycle lanes. Concerns would be irate motorists that may become confrontational. Agreed as a group it has to be a personal choice, some members may wish to do so. No one in the group was against having an LCCG flyer which if a member wanted to could attach to a car parked in a cycle lane.
Action – Eric to draft a leaflet
Action – Clare to make contact with City Wardens via facebook

Jubilee Square – Concerns over the shared space coming off St Nicholas roundabout. Cars are entering the shared area too quickly, most likely because of the vast change in environments – there is no transition between the two vastly different places. The traffic lights just before entering the shared space may also be contributing to the inappropriate speeds as motorists are rushing to get through before the lights change.
Action – Anna to contact Joe Clarbour, a Senior Transport Planner with expertise in Shared Space.

Sally from Leicester Disabled Persons Access Group (LDPAG) has asked for an opinion on Jubilee Square and on the code of conduct shared earlier this year.
Action – Anna to share the code of conduct and ask for feedback

Westcotes Cycling
Councillor Russell and Councillor Connolly held a cycle meeting after receiving the Space for Cycling requests. Jamie attended – discussion on Narborough Road, Braunstone Gate and Western Road. Both councillors seem very receptive to cycling and welcome any other thoughts.
Neil attending the Western Park ward meeting
Action – Anna and Mat to contact the Saffron Lane Councillors to discuss improved provision.

A number of the group have been contacted regarding a bike courier operation in Highfields – very sketchy details.

Meeting with City Mayor
3 members (Elizabeth, Dave & Anna) met with Peter Soulsby and Barry Pritchard (senior engineer). The meeting was predominantly about London Road. It was a very good meeting; we gave our ideas on what would be required to make cycling along London Road pleasant. We discussed issues around illegal parking, parking bays, bus lanes and the amount of traffic along London Road at different times of the day. Initial plans and ideas will be developed and shared.
Action for Group: An idea for the group would be to look into how the parking along London is currently being used.

We also discussed the safety issues on Newarke Street i.e. junction with Marble Street. We highlighted the findings of the Safety Audit with Barry Pritchard. There seemed to be some reluctance to deal with the junction.

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