November meeting minutes

Leicester Cycle Campaign Group Minutes – 3rd November 2014

Site visit to Belgrave Circle to see the work in progress. Noted that what is being built doesn’t match the plans we’ve seen. Looks very bitty and with no priority for cyclists.
Neil to draft a letter asking what’s going on.

Welford Road – There’s been some (negative) media hoo-ha re the coning off of a lane of Welford Road to assess the effect on traffic flow, including a petition against it. Anna suggested holding a demonstration to highlight the fact that there are people in favour of the proposed bike lane. Agreed for Monday 10th.
Eric to contact tv, radio & Leicester Mercury.

Jubilee Square – looking good but nobody thinks the shared space is very shared. Too great a volume and speed of traffic and the transition from ‘normal road’ is sudden.

Cyclenation regional forum – Steve & Clare attended.

Finance – Elizabeth reported that we now have a bank account.
Dave offered to investigate online signup process

Leafleting – Eric suggested we create a leaflet to hand to drivers who have parked in bike lanes to explain why it’s a bad idea and why cyclists get upset over it. These could be handed to drivers or left under wipers.
Eric and Charlotte drafting a leaflet each

LDPAG / LCCG Code of Conduct – some discussion re the time taken and changing situation around this document.
Eric agreed to another rework

Ward Priorities – we created a wish list for each council ward but haven’t really used it yet.
Steve & Neil to revisit.

Other business
Neil has been in correspondance with Tesco re their repeated use of the bike racks outside their Bede Island store for trolley storage. They should keep them clear from now on.

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