February 2015 Meeting Minutes

2 February 2015


Jamie, Brendan, Steve, Neil, Mat, Dave, Eric, Andy, Clare, Charlotte (chairing), Elizabeth (minutes)


  • Feb 28, 10am, Secular Hall (Humberstone Gate).  Subcommittee is set to organise.
  • Neil will organise leaflets for Critical Mass (27 Feb) as extra invitations to attend.
  • Clare and Charlotte plan to step down from the Committee.  Clare is happy to continue supporting Facebook communications, Dave to assist.  Other committee members happy to step down, pleased to invite other members to take on roles.  Steve to send reminders to members, including invitation to join committee.

Health Air Leicester(shire) – PHOTO CALL 28 Feb

  • Directly after the AGM at Orton Square.  Launch of Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire ‘Healthy Air Manifesto@, with photo call at 1:30 (to be confirmed).  Priority/plans of Health Air L&L:
    • Decrease motor traffic;
    • Better public transport;
    • Better education on air quality/pollution;
    • Reminding Council of these priorities

King St / Regent Road junction

We have received a letter from a cyclist relaying that drivers turning right out of King Street don’t see her when she is crossing Regent Road the other way, coming from the contraflow cycle lane onto King Street.  She has contacted Councillors already.

Others at the meeting have experienced dangers at that junction.  From the comfort of the pub, our initial thought is that a change in the light sequence at the junction would help immediately.  In order to investigate and respond, we agreed we would:

  • This is the junction where a death occurred in the last six months, but we do not know where the cyclist was travelling.  Final inquest hearing will be 17 March. Need to coordinate attending – possibly Eric.
  • Take photos and timings of light sequences at the junction (Jamie) – and begin report?
  • Contact discussion list and FB to ask if others have concerns and which ones (Clare)
  • Investigate inquest to see if our information seems relevant, if we can contribute information, and what information on the junction appears related to the cause of death as established by the inquest (Eric)
  • Respond to initial inquiry to us – what would she like? (Mat)
  • Unclear at this point how we will want to take this forward after information is gathered.

Belgrave Circle and surrounds

There are a number of consultations that have opened and closed and have moved away from consultation or are actually being built in the area between Haymarket bus station and Loughborough Road / Melton Road junction.

  • North of Belgrave Circle something that doesn’t look very good and doesn’t match the published plans is nearly complete.
  • Consultation on shared space or other redesign on the Golden Mile closed.  This is part of Regeneration funding for Belgrave.  We responded to the initial consultation.  A small group of business owners and others (listed on Council website) held a workshop for further discussion, and will meet on 9 Feb, probably to agree a plan.
    • We agreed we would write to this small group to lobby as we don’t think that cyclists’ concerns are being taken into account in considering the space; hard to tell how consultation was used.  Essentially, we think shared space could be risky for cyclists in this context and the shared space as we saw it may dissuade cycling in the neighbourhood.
    • Dave to draft a letter, supported by Mat, to be sent to Belgrave Councillors (Cllr Joshi has been supportive of cycling lessons and walking programmes in the area) plus Mike Rose at City Council plus Belgrave Business Group.  Letter to include concerns and possible solutions.  We believe Belgrave Business group started as lead on this.
    • Plans aren’t looking diabolical, and do include cycle ways in the middle of the road, for the area north of Haymarket bus station, south of Belgrave Circle.

Frustrating Consultations and Cycle-city Workshop

  • Consultations generally:  We think responses from the group are being treated as a single response; we will encourage members and interested people to take points from our response to use in their own.
  • Mat received a letter from Michael Jeeves (project manager, current work on the ground north of Belgrave Circle?).  It states that the ideas we were consulted on at Cycle-city Workshop (cycle lanes in the middle of the road north of Belgrave Circle) were never an option – something different had already been agreed with Sainsbury’s.
  • Agreed we (well, Eric) will write to Peter Soulsby about this failed consultation and waste of our time, perhaps explaining what is wrong with Cycle-city Workshop as a ‘consultation’ forum.


  • New huge development through 2026, now open for consultation.  Brendan will look at plans and start draft consultation response.

Local Economic Partnerships

  • Roger Geffen (Campaigns Manager, CTC) shared with us that transport money looks likely to go from national government to the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP – in Leicester, LLEP for Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership) rather than to Local Authorities.  Elizabeth will send around membership of the LLEP – note that the only local authority member representing Leicester on the LLEP is Peter Soulsby.  Note also that the Airport is a member, alongside other business leaders.  Eric will write a letter of introduction to the LLEP members about LCCG.

Other updates from meeting with Roger Geffen

  • Space for Cycling has been a success, and Roger thanked LCCG for our contribution.  The CTC is open to suggestions for what to do with Space for Cycling between now and the election and beyond.

Local Plan

  • Proposed response from the Local Access Forum to the Local Plan was brought to the meeting.  We concurred with the proposed response regarding cycle routes, prioritising segregated cycling on arterial routes.


  • Consultation is now closed.  We met, with others, with John Dowson (leading from City Council) and are awaiting feedback from that more detailed consultation and a look at final designs.  Agreed to write a letter to John Dowson inquiring about this, and suggesting ongoing group to review periodically and hear feedback. (Dave)

Commuting and black spots – proposed Spring action

  • Discussion – do we emphasise commuting and its benefits enough to the Council, especially planners, designers, engineers?  Would there be such poor designs if they understood how good routes could help politicians meet targets, especially around getting single occupancy cars off the roads?  Noted that poor planning for cyclists is most apparent during the morning rush.
  • Agreed a plan for a Spring campaign to engage members and generate data.  Will ask members to fill in a survey / keep a commuting diary or log of issues.  Jamie will start us off with a survey.
  • Might follow up with a Car/Bike/Bus challenge for media.

Braunstone Gate

  • Charlotte has a new two-year role looking at Community Street Design on Braunstone Gate.  Interested in suggestions for cyclists, and information on other things happening at Braunstone Gate.  She will be situated with the Council in Transport.

LCCG meetings

  • Discussion of meeting and chairing styles and request to all of us to watch the time and relevance or pleasure of discussions.  Mat drawing up an initial rota of those willing to chair, so the chair can look at the agenda and do some advance planning if they wish, and so that members can experience chairing.

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  1. John Morfey

    The Waterside consultation SPD suggests a two way cycle lane on one side of the road for Northgate Street, modelled on the one at Newarke Street. This would be a big mistake, like it is on Anstey Lane. It works on Newarke Street because the road is one way. On a two way road, cyclists do not cross the road to use a bike lane. The proposal should be for a cycle lane on each side of the road.