LCCG Response to Waterside consultation

After discussion at our February meeting and in our email discussion group, LCCG has sent the following to Leicester City Council in response to the Waterside development consultation document. We hope it will give you some ideas when you are making your own response on the Council’s consultation website :

We would like to welcome the council’s plans to regenerate the Waterside area as set out in the SPD.

We believe that in a residential-led mixed development in this location, cycling could be a key means of transport. The location is very close to the amenities and transport links of the city centre. Potentially cycling could be the mode of transport of choice for a) those who choose to live in the Waterside; b) those who work in the Waterside; and c) those who choose to visit it for its environmental and recreational attractions.

Key to this is making suitable provision for cycling. We welcome the strong emphasis on cycling within the SPD. These build upon proposals for the A50 which the council has already consulted on.
We welcome the following specific proposals contained in the SPD, although we would ask to be consulted on the detailed design:

  1. Opening up parts of the riverside/canalside which are not currently accessible to the public;
  2. Segregated cycleway(s) on the A50;
  3. Proposals to improve cycle crossing at the A563 inner ring road.

We are concerned:

  1. That there is no mention of cycling provision along the section of the A47 contained within the SPD area;
  2. Because it is unclear whether cycling provision on secondary/tertiary routes would be physically segregated from motor traffic and pedestrians (we believe they should be);
  3. That Soar Lane is currently a quiet route, at least in part due to the stretch which is one-way to motor vehicles. The SPD proposes making it two-way along its length. We would expect if this happens that the segregated cycle lane is also extended along the entire length of Soar Lane, and that it is properly segregated from pedestrians.

We would like the council to further consider:

  1. Making the Waterside area a 20mph zone except for the A50, A6, A563 and A47. This would benefit both cyclists and pedestrians;
  2. Improving lighting along riverside and canalside paths to allow safe and secure use by cyclists and pedestrians at all times of the day and night;
  3. The provision of cycle parking throughout the development area.
  4. Dutch style segregated cycle tracks on both sides of major roads through the area, including cycle provision through junctions.

We look forward to further involvement in making the Waterside area a safe, appealing, and pleasant area for people to live, work and travel through.

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