Monthly meeting minutes 13/4/2015

Leicester Cycle Campaign Group

Monthly Meeting – 13th April 2015

Present – Elizabeth Barner, Eric Ludlow, Brendan McGrath, Steve Massey, Peter Everard, Charlotte Jones, Jamie McCutcheon, Mat Scull, Clare Scott, Neil Bastock

There was no agenda or minutes of the last meeting, so we formed an agenda on the spot-

  1. Coroners report on cyclist death
  2. Elections
  3. London Road
  4. Mayors Meeting
  5. Cycle City Workshop
  6. Riverside Festival
  7. Cycling Embassy
  8. Welford Road
  9. AOB
  1. Coroners Report

The LCCG had written a submission to the coroner with concerns of the Regent Road/King Street area. Eric attended the meeting and has received the findings.  The conclusions were that the unfortunate accident was the fault of the cyclist who moved out into a lane of active traffic from between parked cars and was killed instantly.

The coroner did look at the LCCG submission and forwarded it onto the council for them to investigate.  The council has 56 days to report back.

ACTION – Eric to write to the council to ask for a copy of their invsestigation

  1. Elections

Peter had written to the 3 local MP’s asking for their views on cycling in Leicester.  Liz Kendalls’ rep response has been received and put onto the yahoo group. The rep also offered a meeting with Liz.

Jamie is searching the various manifestos for “cycling” and will post his results to the yahoo group.

Mayoral hustings with the BBC is coming up soon.

ACTIONS     . Peter to write to Liz Kendall suggesting a meeting

. Jamie to send our question to the Beeb – “What will you do to enable   cycling in Leicester” or similar

  1. London Road

The London road proposals were discussed but at present there is no firm plans.  It is expected that nothing will happen until after the elections.  The LCCG is in favour of a 2-way segregated cycle lane.  It was noted that the Mercury had coverage and that 52% of those responding were in favour.

ACTION – Steve to write letter to Mercury In favour of the proposals.


  1. Mayors Meeting

There was a lot of discussion regarding the  workings and outcomes of the meetings.

ACTION – That those attending, meet or contact each other prior to each meeting to discuss how they will present/respond.

  1. Riverside Festival

The festival is set for the 6/7 June and LCCG will have a stall, probably sharing with Sustrans again.

ACTION – Steve to contact Andy at Council to book a site.


  1. Cycle City Workshop

Concerns over when the A50 meeting will be held.


  1. Cycling Embassy

The Cycling Embassy are holding their AGM in Leicester June 27/28.  We have been asked to help with an infrastructure safari.

ACTIONS –     Elizabeth to coordinate.  Will be looking for offers of accommodatin

Neil to notify Critical Mass

8. Welford Road

No further information available – see what happens after the election.


  1. Steve – Leicester Healthy Air. Please join in the consultation
  2. Clare – Green Film Festival – May 3-10. Possible stall – Neil to coordinate
  3. Clare – Website lacking contact info. Forgotten who is looking at it!
  4. Peter – update on Bennion Rd

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