LCCG response to Leicester Mercury First Person piece ‘Why do so many people hate cyclists’.

On behalf of the Leicester Cycling Campaign Group (LCCG), I congratulate the anonymous cyclist behind the First Person piece “Why do so many people hate cyclists” (Mercury, May 25). Her experience of anti-cyclist sentiment over the past seven years will have rung a bell (no pun intended) with many people, and her analysis of the psychology behind it was illuminating. But “Anonymous” is something of an exception, in that she continued to ride her bike, despite abuse from motorists. For many new cyclists venturing cautiously on to the roads, just one bad experience can shake their confidence enough to send them on to the pavement, or their bike back into the shed. A “close pass” or a shout of “get off the road!” can undo all their enthusiasm and spoil what should be a liberating and pleasurable experience. That is why LCCG is campaigning for segregated cycling facilities in Leicester. Separating people on bikes from motorised traffic is crucial if Leicester is to become a genuinely cycle-friendly city.

And that means creating high-quality infrastructure, not simply painting lines on pavements. Not all roads are suitable for segregation, but the arterial roads into Leicester are.

So, Anonymous, if you’re not a member, would you like to join LCCG and add your voice to the 200-plus people who are actively campaigning to make Leicester a better city for cycling? Eric Ludlow, LCCG press officer. Read the story for yourself and, if you like, add a comment on the Mercury’s website.

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