July minutes

LCCG 6 July 2015

Present: Andy, Steve, Mat, Sue, Charlotte, Jaime, Neil, Elizabeth, Brendan, Pete

1. Round up of plans viewed at Cycle City Workshop in June

  • Abbey Park Road
    • Seemed to understand the need for segregation
    • Will still be hard to get to Abbey Park and turn left, but otherwise ok
  • Welford Road
    • Set to use central reservation.
    • Crosses with pedestrians several times.
    • Not segregated where it crosses Regent Road (at least until new A&E dept)
    • Local Access Forum group has put in an objection.
    • Signalised crossings at junctions expected.
    • Expect a lot of public reaction against this. We need to prepare a press response – Brendan
    • Question – should it be on the other side of the road?
    • Suggestion: Want to see this super route to Pork Pie Roundabout
  • REHAB: Plan to clear up streets around the city, especially around parking and loading.
    • Belvoir St (mayor says it needs a contra-flow cycle lane, but currently parking and loading are in the way. Scheduled for Jan 2016?
    • Rutland St will get more cycle parking
    • Looking at Horsefair St and others for 2018+

2. Feedback on meeting with Adam Clarke

  • Now assistant mayor, it’s harder to pin him down.
  • Cycle-city Workshop consultations – no promises, but Cllr Clarke is involved in most plans, so we should work with/through him.
  • We can ask for a TROs (traffic regulation orders) go to Planning Committee (will increase amount of scrutiny, but we may not get to

3. Cycling Embassy of Great Britain AGM

  • Adam Clarke joined for some of the infrastructure safari.
  • Idris Waraich, Highways Engineer, joined for the whole day
    • Reports back that the direction needs to come from above for him to come to meetings and learning opportunities like this in the future.
  • Lots of useful things for the City Council via this meeting:
    • Promise of support from Brian Deegan (Transport for London)
    • Support for engineers
    • Positive press

Letter to Cllr Clarke; Mayor; Andrew L. Smith, including roundup of positives and (separate?) reminder of non-engagement earlier, work on further relationship. – Elizabeth to draft

4. Festivals

  • Riverside: 25 new members.
  • Suggestion that festivals need a bit more engagement in terms of what we do on behalf of members and wider good, etc. (as previous years). Quick suggestions:
      • Questions and come to join us: Do you want it to be easier to get your child to school, etc.
      • How to…carry kids or stuff, teach a child to ride, etc. Photos, etc.
      • Prep for Sky Ride? Charlotte has Bicycology leaflets; Elizabeth may have cargo bike info.

5. Membership update

  • Over 250 members now
  • Question from a member of the public: What are we doing to get private businesses to install cycling facilities?
    • Answer – individuals take this on on behalf of LCCG; some influence via city plans; we generally push the Council to stay on top of this in planning phases, etc.

6. Sarah Russell mtg

  • On track again. Will ask about Briton St as well as requirements on private businesses to provide cycling facilities.

7. A50

  • Poor consultation thus far, dating back to no engagement between November and May.
  • Objected to this at May CCW, about dismal consultation and about the poor quality of the plans (much worse than the originals we saw in November)
  • First of June meeting on site, especially discussing junctions. Saw uninspiring plans from Sustrans, which was disappointing.
  • Adam Clarke on board to help the discussion
  • Can’t see why there can’t be a cycle lane on each side of the road.
  • Have done a decent job on the ground thus far – have lowered kerbs on four junctions (the junctions discussed)…but we would like them to be putting in raised tables (as suggested by us and confirmed at Cycling Embassy of GB as doable and better practice).

8. AOB

  • More talk about University Road being closed to motorised traffic (except taxis and buses?) From the Council today.
  • Recent death of long-standing employee of the Transport Dept – hit by bus while walking down London Road.
  • Sky Ride 30 August
    • Good for signing people up. Volunteers to pull things together? Maybe Neil, with Steve to help thus far…more needed
  • Leicester Disabled People’s Access Group. Will aim for another meeting.


7pm, 3 August 2015

The Exchange, Rutland St.

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