June meeting notes

A50 – The A50 plans were discussed. The work within the City, which was planned to go ahead has now been postponed because of concerns from the cycling community, including LCCG. We are hoping that Adam Clarke, the new lead on cycling, will be able to assist with improving the scheme. LCCG would like to see a timetable for seeing new plans and for a good consultation to take place.
Riverside – Anna and Neil to organise. The boards and gazebo will be delivered on Saturday morning.
Mayors Forum – Ensure the City Mayor is aware of concerns with the consultation process. CPD for council officers, evident that some officers don’t know about new cycle design and options available.
Marble Street – Still no clear sign as to which option they are looking to do. The Mayor has assured us that the junction shall be made safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
Issues in West End – Neil to contact Sarah Russell to arrange a catch up.

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