LCCG minutes 3rd Aug 2015

LCCG minutes 3rd Aug 2015


Dave W, Andy B, Jamie Mc, Neil B, Brendan McG, Eric L, Jem C, Mat S


  • Welford road update
  • Skyride
  • Newarke St parking
  • Bell St, Wigston
  • Local Access Forum
  • A50 progress
  • Membership


Welford road update

Both the LAF (Local Access Forum) and the Cycle City Workshop have been consulted on plans which are not publicly available and hence haven’t been studied in detail. Welford Road was wrapped up in the LCC press release of 22nd July (
This also mentions a consultation but there are no dates for the consultation or the building work.

Brendan has drafted a letter of support for the cycle track plan – agreed to send this to the Mercury when LCC have announced work is to start, ahead of anticipated ‘outcry’ from motor lobby.

Actions : LAF and LCCG have shared concerns for this project. Eric to contact Adam Clarke to propose a joint meeting with LCCG, LCC and LAF to review current plans. Mat S to request dates for consultation and work.


Agreed to take a stand at Westival on Braunstone Gate. Theme – utility bikes and ways to transport people / stuff by bike.

Actions : Neil to co-ordinate people and to contact Charlotte re a reduced rate stand.
All – bring child carrying / cargo / electric / other utility bikes to Skyride. Jamie to email membership requesting help on stand and utility bikes.


Newarke St parking

The Parking team at LCC have confirmed that continuous loading is allowed on the cycle track on Newarke St – and also on the roadway on the double yellow lines. If an enforcement officer sees a vehicle parked, they have to observe it for 5 mins before issuing a ticket.

If vehicles are observed parked on Newarke St we can call Parking Services on 0116 454 6300.


Bell St, Wigston

Re Martyn Smith’s email to LCCG discuss, the County has proposed banning cycling on Bell St in Wigston. It is a disproportionate reaction to damage caused by motor vehicles and would remove (probably forever) a cycle route with few pleasant
alternatives. So far there has been little support for cycling through here and local councillors are not supportive.

If you want to cut&paste some comments, here are mine (MS):
I object to the banning of cycling on Bell Street.

Bell St is an important link between Leicester Road and Bull Head St because the alternative routes are unpleasant on a bike. The issues on Bell St are caused by cars and banning cycles is unnecessary and disproportionate.

I recognise that pedestrians should have priority in this area and would support 24/7 cycling with signage to make it clear that pedestrians have priority here.

Action : All to respond to consultation at by 7th AUGUST


Local Access Forum

The LAF would like to improve links between themand groups like LCCG and ask if we could send somebody to theirquarterly meetings. Eric and Jem volunteered to attend.

Action : Eric and Jem to contact Paul Standley ( confirm attendance and request information pack ahead of the next LAF meeting.


A50 progress

After the last lot of plans for the A50 wereroundly rejected and the cycle element halted by SPS, the council have done some repainting and fiddled with the side junctions but we’ve heard nothing of revised cycle plans.

Action : MS to contact Adam Clarke to chase progress.



Action : Jamie to email the membership with some news / updates and to request help / bikes for the skyride.

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