September minutes

Leicester Cycle Campaign Group

Notes from monthly meeting, 07 September 2015


Eric, Mat, Jamie, Neil, Grant, Elizabeth, Peter, Clare, Steve, Brendan, Sven.

1. Skyride feedback

We recruited 25 members at the event. The weather was not the best. The event failed to take in much new cycling infrastructure – possible because of the difficulty of accommodating bus diversions. The route wasn’t always clear. There were few if any places to help riders with repairs.

Neil agreed to buy a wheelie bag to carry LCCG stall equipment for future events.

Jamie agreed to write a letter of thanks to the Rowley Fields Allotment Society, who lent us the table and gazebo we used.

We also discussed a future event without Sky’s involvement. There was a feeling that we would prefer something with more of an emphasis on safe access to streets, and less of a festival of cycling.

2. Upcoming events

Cycle City Workshop, Wednesday September 16, 5pm,

Cycle City 2016 Business meeting – Thursday September 17, 12.30pm, The Curve – Elizabeth, Eric to attend.

Cycle City (Mayor’s) Forum – September 23, 6.30pm – Steve to attend (Jamie to attend on behalf of the University).

– Attendance at these events to be opened to the email discussion group.

Green Festival of Making and Mending – October 31, Friends’ Meeting House

( ), this may include tuition on how to repair your own bike.

Healthy Air Leicester/Green Party – are having a stall at Leicester Railway Station every Saturday in September, 9am to noon, to gain signatures to reinstate/speed up electrification of the Midland main line. On October 17 members will be passing a giant electricity plug from town to town along the route.

3. Waterside

It was agreed to object to a planning application which would result in Soar Lane becoming a “shared surface” with significantly more motor traffic, and possibly becoming two-way along its entire length. It was agreed to ask Clare to add this to the website.

4. A50

We are expecting a decision on possible improvements in week commencing September 14, possibly at the Mayor’s Forum.

5. Welford Road

It was agreed to write to Councillor Adam Clarke to ask for an update, and to suggest a joint meeting with the Access Forum to go through the plans.

6. Marble Street

Despite earlier suggestions, we were not now expecting action this year to tackle safety problems at this site. There was also no sign of action to tackle concerns at the Northampton Street/Granby Street junction. It was agreed that Eric would draft a media release criticising the council over inaction.

There was also a discussion about safety concerns for cyclists during ongoing roadworks along Charles Street. It was agreed to raise this at the Cycle City Workshop.

7. Parks

It was agreed to conduct a survey of the city’s parks – whether cycling was allowed, and what parking and other facilities for cycling were available. Brendan agreed to co-ordinate this, asking for volunteers to survey their local parks.

8. Any Other Business

a) We noted that the “shared space” at Jubilee Square had received further critical coverage on BBC Radio Leicester; as a result further temporary signs had gone up. There appeared to be particular problems with motorists making illegal left hand turns, and Circle cabs parking.

b) on 10/09/2015 there was a further meeting planned for the Braunstone Gate Community Forum at O Bar.


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