October 2015 Meeting

 Present:  Michael, Clare, Jaime, Brendan, Elizabeth, Steve, Sarah

Email sent to Carlton Reid looking at the Cycle Plans for Leicester from a local campaigner’s perspective. [Update: very positive email received back from Carlton Reid.]

Engaging with the Council:

We are frustrated with consultations processes and thinking about trying an open letter to the Mercury or getting more national comment from the Blogosphere.

Decision from this meeting:  Look for other options for now, no foreseeable win from this style of confrontation.  Also, remember the larger picture that Leicester is actually trying to lower car ownership and use.

  • Should we ask Adam Clarke what we would need to do in order to avoid this?  Problems with A50, Marble Street, Northampton St.  Important not to not to sound whiny.
  • Also, how do we work directly with the public to let them know how cycling benefits them?
  • The Council have to be addressing air pollution – they have larger things and overall positions to consider.
  • Wise to join with other groups not working specifically on cycling.

A50 (Glenfield Road)

Continuing consultation.  Meeting on 7th – next stage.  Earliest for Steve is 5:30/6.  Include ‘we predict’ language – “if you don’t do this, we predict there will be this sort of incident”.

[Update – meeting on 7th postponed to 14th.]

Near misses – Raised by new meeting attendee (Sarah) – let’s think about it again.  Shall we pursue the police to set up a reporting option? Shall we ask the Council to do this?  Shall we pick it up?  Want to make sure that we don’t scare (newer) cyclists by sounding as if cycling is scary and dangerous.

Film about us (£300 challenge grant-funded) – yes we do want to do it! (Steve to contact Andy S)  Also will contact Critical Mass (Clare)

Parks – survey of city parks.  Parks should be a through-route for cyclists and have parking, etc.  Need a few more volunteers to come forward.  Agreed surveying for:  bye-laws; cycle parking; entries and exits; surfaces; signage; problem spots.  Brendan will send update/request around.

Westcotes ward surgery.  Jaime and Neil met with Cllr Andy Connolly.  Very supportive local councillors.  Looking for progress on previous discussion (none yet).  Good discussion, however – sense of support, but not of action.  In future, Andy Connelly will set up a walkaround the ward with Jaime, Neil and Andy S to look at specific problem spots.  Will look at putting in single Sheffield racks (in the US, these are called ‘parking staples’.) to prevent car-parking on the pavement and add a little bit of cycle parking.

Welford Road.  Disabled access group oppose route on the east side of the road.  We would prefer the west side as well.  Problem with construction at the hospital?  Good question to ask at the consultation this week or next week.  Please check in at the former library on Belvoir St to see if the consultation is up and running and give input.

Provision for electric bikes – secure parking, charging points, etc.  Is there anything more secure available?  What about charging points?  Is there any place working on this?  Suggest writing a letter to ask for electric bike charging points alongside car parking points in recent bid. (Michael drafting letter).

Charles Street – Members have been concerned about buses waiting and traffic in single file along narrowed bit.  Clare wrote to bus companies asking why buses were allowed to stop in this single-file area.  Answer:  buses are dropping off only.  Don’t seem inclined to change; they suggest making complaints if seen to be taking on passengers or other poor behaviour.

Melton Road – Cycle way from the 1930s in poor condition.  Man in video with fabulous bike says it has ruined his bearings.  Suggest he sends the video to One Clean Leicester.

Rowley Fields Allotment Society.  Jaime wrote to thank them for use of gazebos at Sky Ride.

A few things we didn’t get to:

  • How to secure a trailer
  • Cycle Parking overall
  • AGM planning
  • Conference – May (Speak to Landor organisers)

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