January 2016 Meeting

Andy, Brendan, Clare, Dave, Herbert, Jamie, Mat, Neil, Peter, Steve
Previous minutes
None were available. Previous topics included:
  • Belgrave Road: there was a further meeting about this due on 05/01/2016. Dave had submitted a response on behalf of LCCG. The council is expected to submit its proposals in February. There were likely to be experimental lane closures – please submit ideas to the council if you can suggest what these closures should be for, beyond collecting data about how Belgrave Road would work with two lanes instead of four. The deadline for comments on the consultation is 15/01/2016: https://consultations.leicester.gov.uk/citydevelopmentandneighbourhoods/belgraveroadimprovementscheme/consult_view .
  • Belvoir Street: this has been put back again, and will go to the council’s scrutiny committee.
  • Welford Road: a modified version of the cycle route is to go ahead; however, the city council isn’t sharing the revised plan. Mat will ask for a copy of the plan; if a polite request fails, we will try a Freedom of Information request.
Annual General Meeting planning:
  • This will take place at the Secular Hall, Humberstone Gate, Saturday 05/03/2016. Jamie will do an official notice to members, giving appropriate notice, and asking them what their priorities are (possibly through Survey Monkey).
  • Ideas for group work included: Why are you a member? What should we say at Cycle City Conference (see below); What issues are important for you? Should Leicester adopt Nottingham’s infrastructure guide?
  • It was agreed to offer a 30 minute tour of cycle infrastructure, followed by going for lunch together.
  • There was a discussion of tools to assess the quality of cycle routes, and whether we could make a video of this to show at the AGM (this link discusses such tools: http://www.cyclingembassy.org.uk/blog/2014/10/14/assessingthequalityofcyclingprovisionanaudittoolforcampaigners ).
  • Clareto ask Charlotte whether she wants to discuss the Braunstone Gate ‘Places for People’ project at the AGM.
  • It was agreed to invite Councillor Adam Clarke (Mat) and Inspector Simon Preston (Brendan) to the AGM.

LCCG display equipment:

  • It was unclear where this equipment is. Clare to contact Charlotte. Mat to make enquiries about storing the equipment at the Town Hall Bike Park; if not, Steve has offered temporary space in his garage.
Active City Cycle City Conference:
  • Matto approach Councillor Adam Clarke about LCCG having 2-3 places and/or a chance to contribute. Dave has already offered to do a presentation on six years of everyday cycling in Leicester.

Other Business

  • Jamie said he was still trying to engage with his local councillors about cycle infrastructure.
  • Parks survey: Brendan to circulate Clare’s survey as an example to others, and to ask for volunteers to survey the rest of the city’s parks for cycle friendliness.
Next meeting: 01/02/2016.

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