February meeting minutes

Present:  Brendan, Andy, Mike, Pete, Steve, Elizabeth, Neil, Brendan, Jaime

Apologies:  Mat, Anna, Eric

AGM Planning

5 March, 10-1 at Secular Hall, followed by a meal at Shivalli at 1:30 for those who are interested.

Jaime has started organising the AGM.  We are expecting the running order to be the business in Section 1, followed by the discussions in Section 2.

  1. Reports and business; constitution
    1. Membership
    2. Campaigns – what we’ve done this year
    3. Treasurer
    4. Elections
    5. Minutes and Matters Arising
  1. 4 different discussions
    1. Map and where to put super highways – Dave W
      1. Put current or proposed routes on?
      2. Include Parks cycling
    2. Direct action – what people can do rather than just wait for the Council – Steve
    3. Junction design – what is the best design for a junction? Which ones work and which don’t? – Jaime
    4. Increasing modal share – as a campaign group, how do we (do we?) help to drive modal share and increase family cycling? – Neil

Points we are unclear about:

  • Police have been invited – a Sergeant (May Danvers) is due to come; inspector for city centre said she would come. May send PCSO
  • Is Adam Clarke coming? Others from Council?

Some volunteers for thus far:

  • Jaime: tea and coffee
  • Meal at Shivalli for 1:30 (Neil to book)
  • Safari: Elizabeth
  • Steve will make sure tidy up at the end has worked.
  • Display out front? Brendan can borrow?
  • EB to send Accounts to Jaime to go into preparatory papers.
  • Brendan – poster to advertise where it is (will go to cycle shops)

We still need:  Chair, set up, refreshments.

  • Request interest in committee before 5 March.
  • Check on matters arising from last year before 5 March
  • Request for baked goods.

Cycle City / Active City Conference 18-20 May

EB spoke to Landor – possible workshop; awaiting response.

Ticket discussion from last Deputy Mayor’s Forum:

  • Adam Clarke agreed to 1-2 tickets and there will be a place for LCCG.
  • All regular attendees of Mayor’s Forum will get a ticket.
  • Can submit a paper, which will also result in a ticket.
  • Can get a ticket in exchange for volunteering.

Conferences/meetings alongside this conference

  • Children’s ride to Curve now coming under umbrella of Conference
  • Led Rides
  • Wheels for All conference
  • NHS – unsure what department – having a meeting/conference
  • Cycle delivery / business fringe day

Check Conference website

EB to send around some suggestions of things we can offer on Thursday

  • Models of interaction with planners, designers, political institutions – with organisations/Local Authorities?
  • Suggested workshop on the benefits of campaign groups, to be delivered alongside other regional groups.
  • Led rides / infrastructure safari – maybe morning of 19th?
  • EB – ask Landor what time things kick off; when they expect people to arrive.

Some of conference starts 18th May; several rides planned plus Visit to Giant UK HQ

Parks Survey

More people have volunteered

Need:  Spinney Hill (EB volunteered);  Victoria;  Humberstone

Brendan to send out info again regarding what we are surveying in the parks.


  • Waterside
    • We objected to making Soar Lane 2-way from 1-way and main access to new housing, with 2-way shared use path. 15 pages of conditions are included in planning permission, but this has not been included.
  • Newarke St
    • Waiting for feedback from Council about allowing loading on the cycle lane.
    • May be a question of legality – if it’s legal to load on the road, it’s legal to load on the verge unless a change has been made in law and we think it has not been.
  • Marble Street
    • Being blocked off. Should be finished in a month or so.  Lockable bollards have been put in, but are in the ground.


  • Neil will respond to hospital representative asking them to link to LCCG about cycling overall in the city.
  • Neil is going to ‘breakfast with the boss’ to discuss cycling at the hospitals – Chief Executive of UHL. Would like to hand over ideas for the hospitals.  Will create an outline and send it to the group.
    • Suggestion – charitable funds for staff welfare, including cycle racks.
    • Suggestion – Campaign for Better Transport Leicestershire – 6 monthly meetings at UHL previously – any recommendations hidden there?
    • Suggestion – Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire website for ideas.




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