07 March 2016 Meeting Minutes

Present: Steve (chair), Elizabeth, Neil, Mat, Jaime (minutes)

Apologies: Anna, Eric, Brendan

  1. Feedback from AGM
    • Invoice to Secular Hall forwarded from JM to EB and to be paid by EB
    • Brendan to thank Sgt. Danvers for her time
  2. Active City Conference
  • EB gave details of proposed slot – 5 minutes as part of a networking session in the main part of conference (maybe last slot on first day). Provisional title, “Making the Most of Your Campaign Group.” Targeted at local authorities and focused on helping campaign groups and council-type institutions to work together.
  • Not much contact/communication from conference organisers yet.
  • All agreed that 5 min was not long and needed a very brief (bullet-pointed?) presentation with a printed sheet or leaflet to give out (important to have web links on this sheet).
  • Positioning of campaign group important – most useful to be seen as middle ground/critical friend and we could draw on our role as advisers for new infrastructure as well as our skills at publicising the work councils are doing (e.g. press release for Marble St improvements).
  • Important negative point to highlight is the lack of dialogue with the engineers/people on the ground so that even if we, as a group, get to ‘influence’ general concepts, the actual plans or work produced often ignores our input and/or is executed poorly. To spin as a positive point, councils should be drawing on the vast expertise and enthusiasm of volunteer-run campaign groups who are avid cyclists but also often very knowledgeable about contemporary infrastructure and state-of-the-art advances.
  • NB started discussion over possible affiliation to other groups. Decided that a nice idea in theory and something to be pursued in the future although we probably wouldn’t want to sink too much time or money into it right now.
  • Going to find extra people to help EB at the conference. JM and NB said they might be available and were going to check.
  1. Live list on ongoing issues
  • NB and MS are trialling a list of ongoing issues that can be updated and will give the membership a clear record of what we are doing and what we have done as a group. At the moment it exists as a Google Drive document.
  • Rough plan is to have a Google Form that members can submit and forms will be added to a (non-editable) spreadsheet that will include a map, priority rating (maybe), what we are doing about it. For next few weeks will open up to committee so that bugs can be identified. Review of list can be a standing agenda item so that issues to not get overlooked. NB and MS to action.
  1. Welford Rd Opening Celebration
  • SM to contact council and find out opening day (probably Adam Clarke). Discussion about whether cyclist breakfast or cyclist tea (for commuters) or weekend party would work best. EB pointed out that news media were easier to attract in mornings but exact plan might have to wait until we have more details (e.g. times, dates).
  • SM to request Cycle Challenge funds (£300) from Andy Sawkeld
  • Probable date for event is June so hopefully weather good.
  • NB suggested that food/drinks could be sourced from Welford Rd vendors to encourage a pro-cyclist vibe.
  1. AOB
  • EB going to Smarter Travel Conference in Milton Keynes. Info about car-sharing, electric vehicles etc. Interest in MK infrastructure. Will report back at next meeting
  • Meeting of HALL at Parcel Yard on Thursday (10/03) and a planned demo for 7th May
  • More Braunstone Gate consultation this week. In general, project could do with more input from cyclists.

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