4th April 2016 – Meeting Minutes

Present:  Mat (chairing), Jaime, Paul (new), Neil, Andy B, Pete, Elizabeth (minutes)

  1. Carry forward actions from March, including
  • Welford Road opening celebrations (Steve+),
  • Prep for May conference (Elizabeth+),
  • Database of problem areas (Mat, Neil, all of us to add)


  1. Welford Road

Marlborough Street is about to be the site office for Welford Road redevelopment of ex-Council buildings.  There may not be a connected lane for 3 years or more as the lane under construction will stop south of the redevelopment site.

Still need to press for:

  • Request good signage about routes while it’s under construction, with dates of when it will open or recommended routes change

Suggest that we give the public a steer about who they should contact at the Council regarding complaints/suggestions.


  1. Railway station parking

Paul complained to British Transport Police when majority of above-ground racks were removed, explaining that getting to underground parking is difficult, it isn’t appealing.  Understands they are concerned about bike thefts, but think there should simply be a sign explaining the aboveground parking at your risk/discretion.  Sergeant in charge met Paul at home to discuss this.  Police explained that thieves were very organised and watched for times when the police leave their office; said they would consider putting bike racks on the platforms.  Paul explained that you can’t get to the parking hub from the London Road direction / East.

P wrote to city mayor and to East Midlands Trains (who the Transport Police said control the CCTV that isn’t looking at the bike parking above ground).  East Midlands trains wrote back saying that they didn’t intend to make any change, and that the level of thefts had dropped from one a day at its worst (above ground – no recent reports of thefts from hub).  Response from the mayor promises nothing, but talks about future progress of getting to the train station more easily.

Paul objects particularly to only having the underground parking – there are plans to remove all ‘trees’.  Also notes that the threatened penalty for parking against the railings may not be enforceable.

Would like:  toast racks where the trees are, or have been, as some people need to park at the train station more easily.  Also better CCTV coverage.  We are convinced that other people would like this, too.  Trying to work out who to talk to:  David Oldershaw (East Midlands Trains station manager) – most likely as they got the grant for the Hub facilities? Transport police? Network Rail?  Start with David Oldershaw.  Paul will draft a letter to go from the whole group, to include:

  • Please further market the Hub, for those who can use it;
  • Want Sheffield stands upstairs instead of the trees, and want enough of them for people who are in a hurry, willing to take the risk of theft, don’t want to fight to get downstairs.


  1. Conference planning

EB handout for the next time we meet.  Will send email to round up skills we bring and big successes.

Conference report back from Milton Keynes Smarter Travel Conference:  Andrew Jones, Minister for Transport, says the government takes no view on modal shift, or on how people travel.  Local Authorities can choose to spend their resources on that.  Private enterprise will fix everything.  It was an interesting message to bring to a Sustainable Transport conference.

And finally in the world of conferences, the CTC has contacted us to say it is hosting one on the Saturday after the Active Travel conference, in Leicester.  £45/ea (I think).

Database – carry actions forward.  People who read these minutes, please send in your most important issues, junctions, etc. as a starter.


  1. Kiddical Mass and Critical Mass

Kiddical Mass ride for children and families – middle of the summer, middle of the day.  Can it be linked to the Sparks Festival? – can funding be received?  Jaime will look into it, and work with Mat.

Critical Mass has been tiny recently (from a high of nearly 300 people).  Meeting Wednesday the 6th of April to reboot it.  Look for Facebook messages.


  1. Report back from Cycle City

Discussion of funding.  There is a small amount of money for soft measures; very little for hard measures – all from LLEP.

  • After 11th of April, design meeting for A50.
  • Welford Road opening in late May
  • Cycle maps – trying to decide what the Yellow routes should really denote
  • Belgrave moving forward with central reservation lanes.

Note:  Need to look at Charter Street – not much evidence of cycle route there, though new bridge is exciting.


  1. Riverside Festival in June

4th and 5th of June.  We want a table.  Neil’s arm twisted into organising.  Can we work alongside Sustrans again?


  1. Westcotes feedback

Jaime and Neil Met with Andy Connolly some months ago.  Awaiting date for a ward walkaround with the Andy’s.


  1. Breakfast with the Boss (UHL)

Finally happened – Neil went through two pages of A4…Chief Exec agreed to BUG (Bike User Group) and to pass on concerns to Estates.  Neil will request an introduction to Travel Planners instead.


  1. Local Access Forum

Next meeting Wednesday the 6th.  Agenda for cycling includes joint use words – Andy B will prompt Disabled group – plus summer events.

Braunstone Gate:  first phase on the street will be very soon, with relaning of the street and use of concrete planters.  Andy bringing suggestions to Local Access Forum regarding testing two different crossings at Braunstone Gate by using two different designs in a short area, but he understands that this was not supported locally and it is a local project.

Local Access forum has private meetings monthly (Wednesday afternoons) – can have up to 22 members, and others can write to the Council to ask to join.


  1. Canal is closed

At Frog Island and a couple of other places.

Why weren’t we told it was going to happen – why wasn’t it at Cycle City?

Why don’t the City promote the good work they are doing – it certainly looks like improved paths going in.


  1. Locking of gates on Forest Way

Where Route 63 crosses Fosse Road North, the useful gate has been locked again, and A-frame is too narrow to get large bikes or mobility scooters through.  Good news:  there is a queue of cyclists to get through at rush hour.  We think it may not be the Local Council who have locked it – they know that motorbikes can get onto the Rally at other places. – Pete will write to customer.services and to Janet Dyer in Sustainable Transport.


  1. Bus station due to open soon at Charles Street.  Could use a look at where cycle racks are and access generally.  The new circular bike locking devices against the rails are hard for anyone using the rails to navigate (for instance those who have visual impairments).  Disabled Access Group would  like Sheffield stands, and bikes, to move elsewhere.


  1. Upcoming: 28th of April at 7:30 – talk on air quality in Leicester.

7 May, Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire proposed demo.


Next meeting:  2 May (bank holiday), 7pm, Exchange Bar

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