Meeting Minutes – Mon 7th November 2016

Present: Peter, Neil, Adam, Jamie, Matt, Steve, Fiona (new member)

Apologies: Clare, Nicola, Ann, David, Eric, Elizabeth

– Nicola sent a message to say that she attended the October Cycle City Forum but will present more fully at the November meeting. She received a formal reply to her plans to redesign London Road for cycling. The reply was from Adam Clarke and is broadly supportive (quite similarly worded to that received from Clare.)

– Both Clare and the LCCG as a group have received replies from letters about the danger to cyclists of taxis opening doors outside the train station (the cause of a recent death). Progress has been made on this. The council has extended the bus-stop the full length of the station and have erected signs saying ‘No stopping at any time’. At the moment, there is a traffic-warden posted there all day. Neil and Steve spoke to the traffic wardens. They have moved on lots of cars and the scheme seems to be working. Black cabs are still permitted to pull up there for unloading (they have a lock on the off-kerb side). It is unknown how long the wardens will continue to be there or if there is a longer term solution. It was agreed that the group will send a letter of ‘thanks’ to the council for their swift work so far. Jamie will draft this and circulate.

– Neil has set up a group instagram site for the easier posting of photos. The site is working well and will hopefully be seen by a different audience. Members are encouraged to look at the site and to give suggestions on how the site could be best utilised. The address is: Leicesterccg

– Steve has contacted DMU about the works happening on Mill Lane (through the campus). He was assured that there will be segregated cycling through this area upon completion, especially along the official NCN63.

– Matt has contacted West Midlands Police to obtain their statistical analysis from their recent campaign against motorists who make close passes of cyclists. He has yet to receive the information but hopes that it can be used to further persuade Leicestershire police to instigate a similar campaign.

– Steve gave some feedback from the last Cycle City Forum. At this meeting, it was revealed that Sustrans are working with the council to do some preliminary surveys of areas of the city that could be improved for cycling. The most interesting was a route west along the Hinkley Road. Eric and Dave went on these visits so can give better feedback at later meetings. The ideas are in a very preliminary stage. Also of interest is a ‘Cycle into the City’ day on Sat 17th December. Volunteers are needed. Details can likely be found on the Cycle City website. The next meeting of the forum will be on 16th November. Steve, Fiona and Adam are all interested in attending.

– Peter pointed out that there are cycle lane related works happening on Groby Road. We’re not sure why.

– Neil gave feedback from the London Cycle Campaign conference that he attended. He has already circulated information by E-mail and members can contact him for more specific information. He was particularly struck by the idea of having cycle related awards which are presented at the AGM. London has recently introduced some excellent cycle-ways and the London cycle groups were giving tips for success. One idea is ‘Flipping the Grid’ which involves smaller roads being essentially closed to car through traffic and instead ‘given’ to pedestrians and cyclists. The London groups don’t talk about cycle-lanes and pedestrianisation but emphasise the re-allocation of public space.


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