Meeting Minutes – 3 February 2020

Attended: Eric, Neil, Dave, Clare. Apologies: Peter.

London Road

Following our request for a site meeting with Adam Clarke, the Cycle City Workshop members were invited to a site visit on Dec 18. Visit was attended by Peter Soulsby (City Mayor), Adam Clarke (Deputy Mayor), Andy Salkeld (Cycle City Officer), Barry Pritchard (Highways Director) and other bike group reps. Barry took notes and some hints have been made that additional wands/bollards would be provided and more signage to clarify where bikes are meant to go. Yellow box markings will be removed from the cycle lanes. No more work has been done on the lanes since before Christmas. Neil has requested that a list of all the suggestions made at the visit be shared at the Cycle City Workshop and will pursue this. (Action: Neil)

Cycle City Workshop (CCW)

Eric to follow up on other issues raised recently, include cleaning/gritting of cycle lanes, signage for contraflow bike lanes, eg. Briton Street, publication of the Healthy Streets Design Guide. Some of these items have now been added to the minutes of previous CCW meetings but are not necessarily going on to the upcoming agendas ahead of time. (Action: Eric)

Eric will also ask at CCW about bike counters: where are they located, is the Council monitoring changes in road usage following installation of new infrastructure, is the data going to be published and do the counters pick up pavement riders? (Action: Eric)

We have received a query regarding how quickly lights change at toucan crossings (ie. controlled crossings for pedestrians and cyclists). Eric to ask at the CCW what the criteria are which determine this, as it is clear the speed and delay between changes is different at different crossings and at different times of the day. (Action: Eric)

Station Cycle Hub

East Midlands Railway have responded to emails from Eric and Peter about promoting the cycle hub in conjunction with the completion of the London Road work. Rachel Rundell, Area Manager, has requested an informal meeting with us. Eric will encourage her to attend February CCW and if she can’t, will offer to meet with her separately with Neil and Andy Salkeld. We understand EMR have been clearing bikes from their other station hubs that have been left unattended for a period of time. They haven’t started at Leicester, but Rachel appears to have it on her to-do list.  (Action: Eric)

Council’s Climate Crisis Consultation

Information from Climate Action Leicester and Leicestershire encouraging people to complete the consultation survey was circulated on FB and via the discussion email.

Possible change of day/venue

Eric raised the suggestion of changing the day of our bimonthly open meetings to allow people who can’t come on a Monday a chance to attend. Also to consider a change of venue – one suggestion was the Two Tailed Lion on Millstone Lane, which has an upstairs room available to book for free. Clare to include this in the email about the AGM. (Action: Clare)

AGM/Public Meeting

Plan for the meeting as follows:

09:30        Clare and Dave meet at Secular Hall to set up for meeting
09:45        Eric, Neil and Peter meet at Railway station ready for site visit
10:00        London Road Site visit, including cycle hub if time
10:45        Gather at Secular Hall for refreshments (Clare to provide)
11:00        Start AGM, Eric to chair, Clare to take notes

  • Campaign Report – Eric
  • Treasurer’s Report – Neil / Elizabeth
  • Membership Report – Clare
  • Constitution Changes
  • Election/appointment of Committee

11:25        End / Prepare for speaker
11:30        Mark Hodson, West Midlands Police
12:00        Q&A with Mark
12:15        Feedback on London Road visit and Any Other Business
12:30/45  Finish

To be done:

  • Clare to check IT requirements for projector at hall
  • Neil to let Mark Hudson know about timing and to ask Mark whether there are people/organisations in Leicester who we should specifically invite to the meeting.
  • Neil to check with Elizabeth about how to pay for hire of hall
  • Clare to invite East Midlands Cycle Forum representatives
  • Eric/Neil to inform CCW

 (Action: All)






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