About Us

Leicester Cycling Campaign Group exists to campaign for safe, convenient and continuous bike routes in and around Leicester.

What we Do

  • lobby decision makers to support our aims
  • offer a cyclists view of new developments
  • engage with local police on cycle security
  • offer advice on safer cycling and routes
  • highlight particularly dangerous roads and junctions to stimulate remedial action
  • campaign for safe, secure cycle parking
  • above all, try to normalise cycling and make it the default way to get around our city

How you can help

Being a member is a good start. Your support isn’t just about the modest join-up fee, it is extremely valuable for us to represent many cyclists as this adds weight when we talk to decision makers. The louder the voice, the clearer it will be heard.

The following skills are particularly useful to us

  • writing and proof reading
  • ability to recruit new members
  • web  / internet / social media skills

One response to “About Us

  1. Given the urgency of climate change, surely the time has come to stop ‘normalizing’ cycling as if it had something to apologise for, and ‘abnormalize’ motoring, which is the real problem…