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June meeting notes

A50 – The A50 plans were discussed. The work within the City, which was planned to go ahead has now been postponed because of concerns from the cycling community, including LCCG. We are hoping that Adam Clarke, the new lead on cycling, will be able to assist with improving the scheme. LCCG would like to see a timetable for seeing new plans and for a good consultation to take place.
Riverside – Anna and Neil to organise. The boards and gazebo will be delivered on Saturday morning.
Mayors Forum – Ensure the City Mayor is aware of concerns with the consultation process. CPD for council officers, evident that some officers don’t know about new cycle design and options available.
Marble Street – Still no clear sign as to which option they are looking to do. The Mayor has assured us that the junction shall be made safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
Issues in West End – Neil to contact Sarah Russell to arrange a catch up.

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Monthly meeting minutes 13/4/2015

Leicester Cycle Campaign Group

Monthly Meeting – 13th April 2015

Present – Elizabeth Barner, Eric Ludlow, Brendan McGrath, Steve Massey, Peter Everard, Charlotte Jones, Jamie McCutcheon, Mat Scull, Clare Scott, Neil Bastock

There was no agenda or minutes of the last meeting, so we formed an agenda on the spot-

  1. Coroners report on cyclist death
  2. Elections
  3. London Road
  4. Mayors Meeting
  5. Cycle City Workshop
  6. Riverside Festival
  7. Cycling Embassy
  8. Welford Road
  9. AOB
  1. Coroners Report

The LCCG had written a submission to the coroner with concerns of the Regent Road/King Street area. Eric attended the meeting and has received the findings.  The conclusions were that the unfortunate accident was the fault of the cyclist who moved out into a lane of active traffic from between parked cars and was killed instantly.

The coroner did look at the LCCG submission and forwarded it onto the council for them to investigate.  The council has 56 days to report back.

ACTION – Eric to write to the council to ask for a copy of their invsestigation

  1. Elections

Peter had written to the 3 local MP’s asking for their views on cycling in Leicester.  Liz Kendalls’ rep response has been received and put onto the yahoo group. The rep also offered a meeting with Liz.

Jamie is searching the various manifestos for “cycling” and will post his results to the yahoo group.

Mayoral hustings with the BBC is coming up soon.

ACTIONS     . Peter to write to Liz Kendall suggesting a meeting

. Jamie to send our question to the Beeb – “What will you do to enable   cycling in Leicester” or similar

  1. London Road

The London road proposals were discussed but at present there is no firm plans.  It is expected that nothing will happen until after the elections.  The LCCG is in favour of a 2-way segregated cycle lane.  It was noted that the Mercury had coverage and that 52% of those responding were in favour.

ACTION – Steve to write letter to Mercury In favour of the proposals.


  1. Mayors Meeting

There was a lot of discussion regarding the  workings and outcomes of the meetings.

ACTION – That those attending, meet or contact each other prior to each meeting to discuss how they will present/respond.

  1. Riverside Festival

The festival is set for the 6/7 June and LCCG will have a stall, probably sharing with Sustrans again.

ACTION – Steve to contact Andy at Council to book a site.


  1. Cycle City Workshop

Concerns over when the A50 meeting will be held.


  1. Cycling Embassy

The Cycling Embassy are holding their AGM in Leicester June 27/28.  We have been asked to help with an infrastructure safari.

ACTIONS –     Elizabeth to coordinate.  Will be looking for offers of accommodatin

Neil to notify Critical Mass

8. Welford Road

No further information available – see what happens after the election.


  1. Steve – Leicester Healthy Air. Please join in the consultation
  2. Clare – Green Film Festival – May 3-10. Possible stall – Neil to coordinate
  3. Clare – Website lacking contact info. Forgotten who is looking at it!
  4. Peter – update on Bennion Rd

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November meeting minutes

Leicester Cycle Campaign Group Minutes – 3rd November 2014

Site visit to Belgrave Circle to see the work in progress. Noted that what is being built doesn’t match the plans we’ve seen. Looks very bitty and with no priority for cyclists.
Neil to draft a letter asking what’s going on.

Welford Road – There’s been some (negative) media hoo-ha re the coning off of a lane of Welford Road to assess the effect on traffic flow, including a petition against it. Anna suggested holding a demonstration to highlight the fact that there are people in favour of the proposed bike lane. Agreed for Monday 10th.
Eric to contact tv, radio & Leicester Mercury.

Jubilee Square – looking good but nobody thinks the shared space is very shared. Too great a volume and speed of traffic and the transition from ‘normal road’ is sudden.

Cyclenation regional forum – Steve & Clare attended.

Finance – Elizabeth reported that we now have a bank account.
Dave offered to investigate online signup process

Leafleting – Eric suggested we create a leaflet to hand to drivers who have parked in bike lanes to explain why it’s a bad idea and why cyclists get upset over it. These could be handed to drivers or left under wipers.
Eric and Charlotte drafting a leaflet each

LDPAG / LCCG Code of Conduct – some discussion re the time taken and changing situation around this document.
Eric agreed to another rework

Ward Priorities – we created a wish list for each council ward but haven’t really used it yet.
Steve & Neil to revisit.

Other business
Neil has been in correspondance with Tesco re their repeated use of the bike racks outside their Bede Island store for trolley storage. They should keep them clear from now on.

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Welford Rd demo posters

We have some placards which get over some of the reasons why building good bike tracks is a good idea. If you want to make more, feel free to borrow ideas like

– make space for cycling

– cleaner air

– healthier people

– less congestion

– family friendly routes

– fewer cars

– better cities

– transport for all

The bigger and prettier / more eye-catching the better.

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Meeting the Mayor – 24th Sept 2014

Dave, Elizabeth and Anna attended a meeting with Mr Soulsby (City Mayor) and Barry Pritchard (Lead Engineer on Connecting Leicester)

It was a very positive meeting predominantly about London Road, how it can be improved for people on bikes.
We talked about what we would expect from a good quality cycle facility on London Road ( segregated/separated from traffic, continuous, security at junctions, for a facility to be on both sides of the road, going with the flow of traffic).
We talked about the difference in space available along London Road, from narrow with lots of street furniture to wide with plenty of space.
We discussed the issues around parking in bus lanes and the parking outside the Train Station (illegal dropping off area)
A major issue will be parking, the council are going to look into the availability of parking on the streets off London Road to enable current on street parking to be used for cycle lanes.
The council will assess the level of traffic along London Road at different times of the day etc
Early stage plans will be developed over the next few weeks, we will look to contact the council in a months time if we haven’t heard anything.
There is still plenty of time to feed in ideas etc…

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August Minutes

In attendance: Mat / John / Mike / Neil / Dennis / Phillipa / Steve / Anna

St Nicholas Circle – Mat gave feedback on the call in over St Nicholas Circle.

A number of councillors including Cllr Kitterick and Cllr Chaplin asked for a call in over the plans – this made the Mercury. The campaign questioned both Cllrs over Twitter as to their concerns and to highlight our disappointment that they were not supporting the new bike lanes. Lucy tweeted back to say she would be happy to meet us.

Mat and Anna went along to Lucy’s surgery. Lucy’s concerns included why money was being spent in the Old Town  when she would like to see London Road improved. We shared our understanding that London Road is one of the next roads to be addressed – and that getting good bike routes around St Nic’s was crucial in enabling cycling from the west into and out of the city.

This was to be discussed in front of a scrutiny committee so M & A attended. Cllr Kitterick opened by complaining that sufficiently detailed plans were not brought to the meeting and asked for it to be postponed by a number of weeks until he had seen and commented upon the plans. It felt like there is some politicking going on with in the Labour group and it felt that a some councillors were objecting as a means of going against the Mayor. This may be something we need to keep an eye on as other cycle related plans may be affected in the same way.


The positives were that LCCG was mentioned in a positive light on a number of occasions in front of 2/3 of all the Cllrs.


A number of councillors also spoke to us about being contacted by their residents over the Space for Cycling Campaign – well done to all of those involved!

Action – to keep engaging with Councillors, reminding them there are votes within the cycle community and that they should keep supporting our aims’

Dennis has been working on accident stats – he is looking to produce an informative poster which we can use to support our campaigning. John and Dennis to share info on this.

Mat shared the website which plots census data on a map and commute. and which shows commuter routes around the city.

A50 – The County and City Council (joint project) have a significant amount of money to be spent along the A50 Corridor. As a campaign we should be pushing for safe cycle facilities for all.

Action – Anna to contact the lead officer on this and ask to see plans and be involved. Second Action– Anna to send an email to LCCG Discuss to invite members to meet and ride along the A50 to put together a wish list, this needs to happen ASAP.

London Road – At a previous meeting at The Guildhall, Peter Soulsby asked for the campaign to put together plans/ideas for improvements to London Road. Action – Anna to send email to LCCG Discuss to meet and ride/walk along London Rd (initially train station to roundabout) and put together wish list.

Sky ride – agreed it was a very important event to attend. Space offered at the Phoenix to have a stall. Action – Steve to send email to group asking for volunteers and to put together a roster.

Action – Dennis to organise collection of display boards with Steve

Train Station Bike Hub was officially opened last week, Neil and Clare attended on behalf of LCCG.

End of meeting

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May minutes

Riverside Festival – Steve has contacted Andy Salkeld and a space shall be made available for us, probably alongside Sustrans.
Weekend of the 7th and 8th of June.
Anna to bring two gazebos and a table and the gazebo weights, Anna to coordinate with Charlotte.
Call out for a display board
Do we need anything else for a display? – Perhaps some images of new cycle lanes and infrastructure to get peoples opinions. Clare to take some photos and laminate
Anna to order more leaflets
Idea to ask people their favourite place to cycle in Leicestershire.
Steve to send email to group asking for volunteers

Latest Cycle City – some plans made available to view including St Nicholas Circle which is looking promising. Belgrave Flyover site is not looking great, fairly non ambitious. Pavement parking consultation finished. Rebecca Pritchard has been invited to attend a scrutiny committee meeting, she has shared her paper which several groups for comment. Those in the campaign that have seen the document are very happy with it and support it and Rebecca fully.
Humberstone Gate to be discussed at the next meeting, including bike parking (numbers and placement).
Welford Road will also be discussed at the next cycle city.
Success with response to Belgrave flyover – lack of any intermediate cycle lane provision. Assured provision will be made in the future.

Discussion around which models are used to measure the impact of a new design on traffic flow – are they using the best model available. DMU have PHD students working on new transport models which better reflected sustainable forms of transport. Grant will contact this department to see if we could in the future meet.

Elizabeth fed back on the 3 cycle infrastructure conferences / meetings she has attended over the last month. Very interesting info – please ask Elizabeth for further information.

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