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Meeting Minutes – 3 February 2020

Attended: Eric, Neil, Dave, Clare. Apologies: Peter.

London Road

Following our request for a site meeting with Adam Clarke, the Cycle City Workshop members were invited to a site visit on Dec 18. Visit was attended by Peter Soulsby (City Mayor), Adam Clarke (Deputy Mayor), Andy Salkeld (Cycle City Officer), Barry Pritchard (Highways Director) and other bike group reps. Barry took notes and some hints have been made that additional wands/bollards would be provided and more signage to clarify where bikes are meant to go. Yellow box markings will be removed from the cycle lanes. No more work has been done on the lanes since before Christmas. Neil has requested that a list of all the suggestions made at the visit be shared at the Cycle City Workshop and will pursue this. (Action: Neil)

Cycle City Workshop (CCW)

Eric to follow up on other issues raised recently, include cleaning/gritting of cycle lanes, signage for contraflow bike lanes, eg. Briton Street, publication of the Healthy Streets Design Guide. Some of these items have now been added to the minutes of previous CCW meetings but are not necessarily going on to the upcoming agendas ahead of time. (Action: Eric)

Eric will also ask at CCW about bike counters: where are they located, is the Council monitoring changes in road usage following installation of new infrastructure, is the data going to be published and do the counters pick up pavement riders? (Action: Eric)

We have received a query regarding how quickly lights change at toucan crossings (ie. controlled crossings for pedestrians and cyclists). Eric to ask at the CCW what the criteria are which determine this, as it is clear the speed and delay between changes is different at different crossings and at different times of the day. (Action: Eric)

Station Cycle Hub

East Midlands Railway have responded to emails from Eric and Peter about promoting the cycle hub in conjunction with the completion of the London Road work. Rachel Rundell, Area Manager, has requested an informal meeting with us. Eric will encourage her to attend February CCW and if she can’t, will offer to meet with her separately with Neil and Andy Salkeld. We understand EMR have been clearing bikes from their other station hubs that have been left unattended for a period of time. They haven’t started at Leicester, but Rachel appears to have it on her to-do list.  (Action: Eric)

Council’s Climate Crisis Consultation

Information from Climate Action Leicester and Leicestershire encouraging people to complete the consultation survey was circulated on FB and via the discussion email.

Possible change of day/venue

Eric raised the suggestion of changing the day of our bimonthly open meetings to allow people who can’t come on a Monday a chance to attend. Also to consider a change of venue – one suggestion was the Two Tailed Lion on Millstone Lane, which has an upstairs room available to book for free. Clare to include this in the email about the AGM. (Action: Clare)

AGM/Public Meeting

Plan for the meeting as follows:

09:30        Clare and Dave meet at Secular Hall to set up for meeting
09:45        Eric, Neil and Peter meet at Railway station ready for site visit
10:00        London Road Site visit, including cycle hub if time
10:45        Gather at Secular Hall for refreshments (Clare to provide)
11:00        Start AGM, Eric to chair, Clare to take notes

  • Campaign Report – Eric
  • Treasurer’s Report – Neil / Elizabeth
  • Membership Report – Clare
  • Constitution Changes
  • Election/appointment of Committee

11:25        End / Prepare for speaker
11:30        Mark Hodson, West Midlands Police
12:00        Q&A with Mark
12:15        Feedback on London Road visit and Any Other Business
12:30/45  Finish

To be done:

  • Clare to check IT requirements for projector at hall
  • Neil to let Mark Hudson know about timing and to ask Mark whether there are people/organisations in Leicester who we should specifically invite to the meeting.
  • Neil to check with Elizabeth about how to pay for hire of hall
  • Clare to invite East Midlands Cycle Forum representatives
  • Eric/Neil to inform CCW

 (Action: All)






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Open Meeting Notes – 7 October 2019

Present: Clare, Dave, Peter, Eric

Apologies: Neil

Report back from City Ride. Not a lot of interest/engagement for a lot of effort by a few committee members. Changes to location at the last minute, difficulty coordinating with police regarding mat, issues related to need for all stall holders to have public liability insurance. We would not be covered by police insurance if using the mat without a police officer there and it may even be tricky for us to join them in an official capacity at an event where they had the mat. Seems unlikely to be worth getting our own insurance (cover from Cycling UK would be £70 per year), so we probably won’t be able to attend such events in future. Eric to feed this back to the Cycle City Workshop.

London Road – still no response from Council to Eric’s request for information about the physical segregation where there is not currently a kerb. More kerbs have started appearing on sections of outbound side just up from the station, so worth waiting until it is clearer what more is going in – wands have been mentioned. Not certain when the scheme is due to be completed but should be soon. We’re keeping an eye on things to be able to organise some groups of cyclists to ride loops around the length of the cycle path to raise drivers awareness of it once completed.

Cycle Hub at Station – likely to be more demand once London Road scheme is completed. Still difficult to get hold of fobs (station information office get sent a few dozen at a time, as and when) although hub often appears under-used. Peter to contact EMR to begin engagement, either through arranging a meeting or email correspondence.

Other infrastructure:

  • Exit from New Street on to Peacock Lane is on blind corner and cars are coming out very quickly with some doing wide turns, putting cyclists and pedestrians using Peacock Lane at risk. Dave to take photos of signing, etc, and investigate vehicle routes.
  • Contraflow lanes on Jarrom Street and Briton Street. Dave to email Elisabeth Burleigh who has been in contact with the Council about a potential site visit to discuss signage for the contraflow on Jarrom Street. Might be worth involving Cllr Sarah Russell.
  • Path across Victoria Park is almost completed.
  • York Road restructure is ongoing.
  • Wellington Street to get a contraflow cycle lane from Belvoir Street junction. Council processing necessary traffic order.
  • Segregated route along St Matthew’s Way at Wharf Street to provide cycle path around sections of inner ring road due to start soon.
  • No sign yet of anything happening on Belgrave Gate to link Burleys Flyover roundabout to Belgrave Circle.
  • Cycle Lane planned for Abbey Park Road from Belgrave Circle to link up with NCN6 and new housing developments at old Wolsey factory site.
  • New paths on Belgrave Gate between Burleys Flyover and Haymarket – still a problem of cars on side roads not giving way to cyclists on paths. Probably just a matter of time for drivers to get used to new layout, as is likely to happen on London Road. Advice is to be assertive but vigilant when using path and to engage if possible (politely) with drivers to show them cyclists have priority.

Accident stats: Contact via Facebook from Matt Vallins suggesting we request KSI (Killed, Seriously Injured) figures from the police related to accidents involving cyclists and specifically for cycle lanes, which he considers do not contribute to cyclists’ safety overall. National stats were issued on 8 November last year – figures for year to June 2019 should be available next month via DfT website. Clare had suggest to Matt that he put in a FOI request. She will let Matt know about national stats and ask him to let us know if he finds out anything more. We are generally supportive as a group of segregated cycle lanes on fast/busy roads.

Cycle Safety Video: Nassar Kaliisa, media student from DMU who did some video recording with Jaime at AGM has put together a short video on Bike Safety in Leicester. Clare to email link to committee members to agree whether to post it on FB.

Engagement with Hospitals – Issue was raised by Elisabeth Burleigh on email list about lack of promotion by UHL of Bike to Work Awareness Day/Week . Person she contacted in Communications at UHL was interested to consider something for next year. Suggestion that Neil draws up timeline for engagement with George Pollard at Sustrans aiming to have something definite in place by Bike Week next year.

Climate Action Coalition: Dave attended Climate Action kick-off meeting organised by Friends of the Earth on 29/09/19, attended by 85 people. A Climate Action Coalition is proposed and a list of demands has been made to Council, including prioritising investment in cycling, walking, etc. Dave to follow up with meeting organisers on what involvement we might want to have with the proposed coalition.

Date of next meeting:

Monday 2 December 2019

Agreed to move start time to 7.30pm. Peter to update website, Clare to do FB event post and highlight change of time. Eric to inform The Exchange staff.

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AGM and Public Meeting, 30 March 2019

Draft minutes from our AGM held in March and reports on the two Presentations made at the Public Meeting meeting which followed can be found here:

LCCG 2019 draft AGM minutes and public meeting report

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Meeting Minutes – 5 August 2019

Present: Clare, Neil, Eric, Stuart Mottershaw (Leicestershire Police, manages Safe Pass programme)

City Ride, 25 August:

Martin Bujdoso is organising an area at King Power stadium, to demonstrate bike safety issues with different road users – Biffa truck fitted with safety features, First Bus, etc. Stuart can’t be there but has arranged for a colleague to bring the Close Pass mat and the VR headsets.

Gazebo available from the Council as we are a member of Cycle City Workshop.

Eric and Neil plan to go to ‘Activation Meeting’ on 13/08/19, will discuss any risk assessment requirements.

Safe Pass programme

 Stuart will have the Close Pass mat and VR at the Big Bike Bash at Rutland Cycling, Everards Meadow on 24 August as part of the Festival. Eric will try and go along to represent LCCG.

Stuart will be organising some road-side driver awareness sessions. Eric will plan to go along to some, to gather some publicity material.

Get Behind the Bike Box

Eric and Dave met with Willy Bach, Police & Crime Commissioner in June. He wasn’t aware of the campaign but was generally supportive and agreed to see it was promoted via Community Safety Partnerships. See full report on website:

Eric has received feedback from people who have reported infringements to the police. Follow up article published in the Mercury today says police have actioned about 20 reports since the start of the campaign. Also bus companies expressing support by educating their drivers.

People are reporting serious Road Traffic Collisions online and this data can’t be transferred across to the system which reports data to the DfT.

Safe Bike Parking

Stuart and his boss Graham attended the last Cycle City Workshop and were impressed with the demo from the company that provide bike lockers to be based on streets. Felt it had been well received.


We agreed at the AGM that we would no longer charge people for membership. Eric to write piece to go on website highlighting the change and Clare to update other membership information accordingly.

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 7 October.

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Meeting Minutes – 3 June 2019

LCCG Minutes – 3rd June 2019

Present: Jaime, Eric, Clare, Neil, Peter, David

  1. Change in roles

Secretary role will be vacated as Jaime is leaving. Discussion of what the duties were and whether it makes sense to divide secretary from membership secretary. (ACTION: Jaime to prepare description of current duties for circulation to committee). Clare may be able to take on some duties, at least as a temporary measure. (ACTION: Jaime to pass on all membership data to Clare or other volunteer).

Group agreed that a gentle push to recruit new active participants from existing members would be worthwhile. Also, may be a good time to re-consider timing of bimonthly meetings. (ACTION: Jaime to draft all-members email informing of situation).

  1. Riverside Festival debrief and plans for City Ride

Group wishes to express particular thanks to Neil, Eric and Stuart (police volunteer) as well as all other volunteers for helping. Neil has sent Stuaart an email thanking him for participation.

Queries over whereabouts of Close Pass-associated items (e.g. VR set) that Cycling UK should have sent out. (ACTION: Neil to investigate. UPDATE: Neil has found, had been sent to Future Cycles after being damaged in the post.)

General agreement that it would be good to run a similar set-up again (e.g. for Sky Ride). Improvements may be creating a vertical sign to attract more people/drivers. (ACTION: Neil to write to Stuart to request help for City Ride and ask for meeting beforehand to discuss plans).

  1. Upcoming events

Clare and Neil will represent us at the Street Design Guide workshop being organised by the Council on Friday 7 June. Dave also hopes to go to represent Friends of the Earth. (ACTION: Clare and Neil)

Eric is going to the East Midlands Cycle Forum on 22 June and will give an update on our recent/current campaigns. Clare to promote the event on Facebook. (ACTION: Eric and Clare)

Eric and Dave will be meeting with Willy Bach, Police and Crime Commissioner soon. (ACTION: Eric and Dave)

  1. “Get Behind the Bike Box” campaign

The campaign has already provided good opportunities to engage with the police. Responses from members/followers to the initial launch of the campaign were shared with Simon Coles (Chief Constable) at Eric’s meeting with him. One response was from a Bikeability instructor who was considering giving up their role due to the abuse they get from other road users.

Three bus drivers reported by Eric have each been fined £100 – first ever cases in the County as far as we know! Due to a police error, they didn’t also get three points on the licences, but anyone convicted in future will get both the fine and the points.

Two of the bus companies (First Bus and Centrebus) agreed that entering the boxes when lights are red is illegal and will be addressing the issue with their drivers. First Bus training officers will be receiving cycling awareness training from Ride Leicester, including taking them out on bikes around town. Centrebus have said they will review their driver training.

First Bus and Biffa will be bringing vehicles to the City Ride to give people the opportunity to experience what it is like for drivers on the road with cyclists around. The Biffa lorry will have the latest sensor equipment fitted.

  1. Other issues

Neil expressed concern about the lack of attention to cyclists in the plans to make Braunstone Gate more people-friendly. He will talk to the project manager, Darren, about whether to try and get the project onto the Cycle City Workshop agenda (ACTION: Neil).

The meeting gave a formal expression of thanks to Jaime for his work on behalf of the group over the past few years, especially as Membership Secretary and for helping to plan and chair meetings, particularly the AGMs. We wish Jaime and his family well in their new life in Norway.

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Letter to the Mercury

After seeing some of the negative comments on the Leicester Mercury website in response to the article about our Get Behind the Bike Box campaign, our press officer Eric Ludlow felt compelled to respond. Here’s his letter to the Editor (or you can click here to read the full text in a Word document).

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Meeting Minutes – Monday 4th Feb 2019

Present – Jaime, Neil, Peter, Clare

  1. AGM

Sat 30th March confirmed. Brian Deegan to speak. Secular Hall. Jaime to ask at Uni. Of L. about other attendees (e.g. cycle safety, air quality; AP). Neil to book lunch nearer to the time (AP). Jaime to send all members email 30 days before meeting (AP). Claire to get in touch with other East Midlands colleagues to invite (AP).

  1. Adam Clarke meeting

Jaime gave brief update on meeting with Adam Clarke in early January. Decision to try to ensure more regular meetings.

  1. Hospital letter

Needs following up. Neil to update at next meeting (AP).

  1. Belvoir/Wellington/Granby

(Lack of) Markings and width of lanes make some of these junctions very dangerous for bikes. How do we tackle these issues? Neil to email about issue to forum and get ideas (AP). To be brought up with Adam Clarke at next meeting or at Cycle City Workshop.

  1. Anstey Lane

Questions on what plans are as there are trees missing and it could suggest new cycle provision but currently nobody knows anything. To enquire at CCW?

  1. Date of next meeting: April 1 2019

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Notes of Quarterly Meeting – 5 March 2018

Attenders: Clare, Elizabeth (note taker), Eric, Kevin, Jaime, Steve

1. Putney Road/Evesham Road

Was a major campaign to stop Putney Road going through to Aylestone Road when it was first built, and agreed then that it would never be two-way along the full length.

Originally discussed opening it for match days to clear traffic parked in the King Power. King Power have bought the land across the road from the stadium and the old gas works and are working on EON. They probably want to cut parking and create a match day village.

Concerned this will encourage more people to drive to matches.


What is the strategic plan? Ours? The Council’s? The population is growing, how do we put forward a vision where people have housing but don’t drive? Council always say they will put in provision for cycles, but then don’t. Actually, the scheme is being done for cars and that will discourage cycling.


We understand that making more space for cars encourages more driving. Therefore our first position is that the Council not undertake road building and expansion. Good viable alternatives – better infrastructure for walking, cycling and public transport – should be the first priority. If the Council decides it must go forward with a plan likely to encourage driving, we will consider and respond to issues that we think will affect cycling such as the position and quality of cycle lanes and placement of the road generally.

2. East Midlands Forum and LCCG AGM

14 April

9:00 – 10:00  LCCG AGM including election of committee.

10:00 – 12:00 East Midlands Forum

12:00 – 13:00 Healthy Air discussion – also perhaps speaker

Brian Deegan has not (yet) responded to messages regarding speaking. (Since the meeting, Brian has agreed to speak.)

12th and 13th April is the Transforming Cities conference. Steve will request (free) tickets for LCCG.

3. Sharing

Seems to be coming to Leicester as a pilot. Waiting for a tender to come out. Leicester were talking about a dockless scheme. Question regarding what the tender is for – guess is access to data and targeted advertising via mobile phone app. We would like input as to where bikes are placed and perhaps length of the pilot period to assess.

4. Cycle City Workshop

London Road – most responses to consultation were positive. Many with the same wording. Hurrah – shows the success of campaigning.

Plan for Sustrans routes to integrate with city centre infrastructure. Considering linking to Clock Tower as a ‘hub’. Would like the routes not to have conflicting number systems. Commended Bristol / Derby / Edinburgh bike ‘tube map’ and colour coding.

5. Summer Plans

Main festivals: Riverside (first weekend in June) and City Ride (early August).

The City is trying for 5 car-free routes related to City Ride – last Sunday of each month.

  • Riverside might be sparsely attended by us – suggest having LCCG t-shirts and clipboards and going out to talk to people.
  • May be option of standing with bike parking sites and/or Sustrans.
  • Need someone to do a little coordinating!

6. Date of next meeting

Monday 4 June 2018, 7pm at The Exchange.

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AGM 2017 Minutes

4 March 2017

(with sincere apologies for the delay in posting these)

Present: Jaime McCutcheon, Mat Scull, Anna Scull, Elizabeth Barner, Neil Bastock, Steve Massey, Brendan McGrath, Peter Everard

Apologies: Clare Scott, Eric Ludlow

10:00 Meeting opened.

  1. Minutes from 2016 were accepted.
  2. Item 4.4 of constitution was amended from “Individual, family and affiliated memberships shall be renewable 12 months from the end of the month first joining, and every 12 months thereafter.” to “Individual, family and affiliated memberships shall be valid for life.”

The process of raising money was discussed and it was decided that, as a group, we can encourage members to give donations if we have especially important campaigns or if funds are needed for any other purpose.

                Motion was accepted

  1. Jaime presented Membership Report showing 79 new members in 2016.
  2. Elizabeth presented Treasurer’s Report.
  3. Mat presented Campaign’s Report detailing activity within 2016 and attendees discussed planned infrastructure for the coming year.
  4. Steve led discussion on coalition building with different groups with overlapping goals, e.g. on air quality.
  5. General discussion and small groups work on ideas for revitalising the group and meeting, e.g. focus on different areas of city, public engagement/education etc.
  6. Election results presented with elected committee members as follows: Jaime, Elizabeth, Anna, Eric, Mat, Neil.

13:00     Close of Meeting


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Our response to London Road plans

London Road plans 2017 - impressionThe text below is LCCG’s response to the plans to improve the area in front of the station on London Road and to build new cycle paths from the station out to the roundabout with Mayfield Road (corner of Victoria Park). If you’ve not seen the plans yet, you can download them here:

London Road plans 2017 – Option 1

London Road plans 2017 – Option 2

For more information, see the Council’s website here and here.

We would be very grateful if you would send the Council your views on the plans. You will need to send an email to: transport-strategyenquiries@ (there is no online consultation form this time).

Please feel free to use all or part of our response when writing your own. The Council count numbers of responses for/against/other so even if you only send an email saying “I support the viewpoints submitted by Leicester Cycling Campaign Group” that will be very helpful to our cause.

The deadline for responses extended to FRIDAY 10th NOVEMBER.


Official response from Leicester Cycling Campaign Group to London Road proposal

LCCG are impressed by the plans offered for the London Road redevelopment and believe that this design is by far the best that has been drafted to date. Particular points that we are in support of are inclusion of cycle lanes on both sides of the road, cycle gates at major junctions, and priority given to cyclists at minor junctions.

However, we have highlighted a number of issues with the plans that, if not addressed, will limit the success of the scheme for all users. Four major points are outlined below followed by more detailed issues.

  1. Separation of different modes of traffic

We are strongly in favour of separating cycles from both pedestrians and motor traffic. Currently, the plans and artistic impressions show a worrying lack of adequate separation between bicycles and motor traffic. For London Road, the optimal solution, as advocated by Brian Deegan, is kerbed separation with cycles at carriageway level. This has a number of advantages over other options including:

  • Safe, protected space for cycles away from cars, trucks, and buses, as well as the feeling of protection
  • Prevents parking on cycle tracks (a major problem on Newark St and Welford Rd)
  • Better for pedestrians, especially those with disabilities, as there is clear segregation
  • Problems associated with cycles going up and down kerbs at junctions are removed.

The design as presented represents our third choice of segregation, and we do not think it will work. Please note that we do not want to see the cycle lanes built, and then protection from parking added. This has not worked on Newarke St. and needs to be addressed from the start with upright segregation, ideally in the form of kerbed separation as is common in London. A detail of the kerbed segregation is drainage and avoiding grates in the cycle lanes. Given conversations at consultation events, we feel it important to point out that there is no evidence that kerbed separation is a trip hazard, especially on an arterial route like London Rd. 

  1. Implementation of cycle stop gates

The cycle stop gates proposed at the major junctions are an innovative solution that we applaud. We are fully in support but want to make sure that care is taken when implementing these so that they are effective. This means careful consideration of timings at junctions and ensuring that there is visible continuation of the cycle track (e.g. with coloured asphalt) through the junction. We have a concern about the timing for left turns onto University Road and the possible conflict of cyclists arriving at a green light allowing them to proceed downhill while the light is also green for cars to turn left. 

  1. Priority at minor junctions

Providing cycles (and pedestrians?) with priority at minor junctions is a vast improvement of these plans, relative to other recent developments (e.g. Welford Road and the A50). To ensure that this priority functions well, it is vital that engineering measures are taken to alter the behaviour of motor vehicles, for example, raising the table and tightening the corners to force drivers to slow down and consider crossing traffic. This is especially important at certain junctions (e.g. Conduit Street).

  1. Connecting to existing infrastructure

It is essential that cyclists are able to easily access the new cycle tracks and that it makes sense to use them. The trickiest parts of the route are at either end – by the Mayfield Road roundabout at the top and in front of the Station at the bottom. These sections need to be carefully thought through as they could easily end as too inconvenient to use, e.g. for those continuing south beyond Mayfield roundabout. An addition that would support cycling in the area would be a connection from Granville Street / De Montfort Hall area to the proposed cycle way along Victoria Park.

Additional points:

  • Front of station: We see advantages and disadvantages to bus stops in front of the station and to drop off/pick up space in front of the station. We think that the clear, designated cycle path in front of station is important, very much better than unmarked shared space. Maybe include railings to prevent pedestrians walking willy-nilly across the cycle track where they don’t expect faster vehicles. While we appreciate the idea that drop-off/pick up space in front of the station may mean that only professional drivers actually drive out of the station and across the footway and cycleway, would the drop-off space in Option 2 be enough to allow this?
  • Provision of adequate cycle parking by shops along London Rd will reduce likelihood of bikes attached to random poles and railings.
  • The chicanes around bus stops are very tight as displayed on the plans. We are concerned this will lead to conflict with pedestrians and lack of visibility around the bus stops.
  • We are concerned that parking bays appear to intrude onto the cycle lane, but recognise this could be an appearance rather than actuality.
  • We are concerned about the kerb at Granville Street, both continuing toward the station from the south, and turning from Granville St onto the cycle way. As above, we believe the best solution would be a kerbed separation that leaves the cycle track at carriageway level.

Overall, as stated at the beginning, these are very good plans. We hope that careful consideration is given to the points raised in this response as there are still a number of important engineering decisions that will significantly affect the effectiveness of this scheme. We believe that the issues we raise will not just be of benefit to cyclists but, in fact, will make the scheme more successful for all users.


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