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1 August 2016 – meeting minutes

17 people attended, including representatives of Leicester Critical Mass and some new members.

Updates from previous meeting:

  • Welford Road: the meeting with Assistant Mayor Adam Clarke had been postponed to tomorrow evening (2 August). Not sure what is on his agenda but we want to try and cover the general issues of consultation with the council and communication with planners.
  • Meeting with Police & Crime Commissioner: contact made but no date set for a meeting as yet (likely to be October/November)
  • and email discussion list: people still not finding it very intuitive to use, although it should be really good for recording and monitoring issues, with lots of accident stats available through it. People encouraged to sign up and keep trying it. Discussion list email is working better since bugs were fixed. If people had problems with it, should be encouraged to try again.
  • Belgrave Road Consultation: closes on Thursday (4 August). Need to keep encouraging people to respond as numbers matter. There is a page on the website with response from LCCG, posts on FB and Twitter. Neil got 30 people at Friday’s Critical Mass to complete a paper copy of the survey, visit to Cossington Park produced a dozen more. Clare to repost on FB.
  • Mayor’s (now Assistant Mayor’s) Quarterly Cycle Forum: latest one was on the day of the fatal accident on London Road. Those attending still consider forum to be useful although with less clout than when chaired by the City Mayor. Belgrave Road consultation was covered – only two options on table now, third with cycle lanes was dropped a while ago. Consultation process indicates not enough people are requesting cycle facilities to warrant building them. London Road cycle path plans discussed: proposal for two-way segregated track on inbound (west) side, linking to Victoria Park at the top. At the bottom end there are three options under consideration. Still in early design station not ready for consultation yet. (In the meeting with Adam Clarke on 2 August, it was made clear that the earliest possible date for a path would be 2018, given funding requirements and practicalities of scheduling major infrastructure works.)
  • Skyride: Jaime to set up doodle poll for message to go out to Discussion list, Dennis to check on reprinting of tee-shirts and arrange pick up of stall material with Neil, Clare to contact Andy Salkeld re: pitch.
  • St Matthews Parks Day: we had been invited to have a stall on August 12th but not enough people available to run it
  • St Georges Churchyard (opposite Curve): consultation on redevelopment closes Wednesday (3 August).

Fatal accident on
London Road: discussion with representatives of Leicester Critical Mass

  • Background: on Wednesday 27 July, a young man suffered a fatal bike accident in front of Leicester Railway Station. He was hit by someone opening the road-side rear door of a taxi and knocked into the path of a van. (At the time of our meeting, his name had not been released to the public; he has since been named as Sam Boulton.) On the following Friday, Leicester Critical Mass passed the station and stopped for a ‘bike lift’ to acknowledge Sam’s death and highlight the risks to cyclists using London Road. The majority of the Mass riders also cycled down New Walk in protest at the prohibition on its use as a cycle route.
  • Members of LCM have engaged with members of Sam’s immediate family who are happy to put a decorated bike (done by Sam himself) by the site of the accident. We would have a strong ally in his fiancée in calling for faster action on a safe route. LCM were planning a press release on the day Sam’s name was released. They will also advise LCCG when the decorated bike was to be placed, so that we could ask our members/followers to attend a public demonstration with press coverage focusing on the issue of cars stopping outside the station.
  • LCM have also spoken with James Bowie, owner of the Belmont Hotel and a leading member of Friends of New Walk, (his son is a cyclist and member of Leicester Forest club). He would be another ally in pressing for a safe route that did not involve New Walk.
  • Rebecca Pritchard has launched a petition ( calling for the ban on cycling on New Walk to be lifted, with the creation of a cycle lane.
  • It is clear that the problem that needs fixing is the danger posed to cyclists using London Road and a possible solution is to allow cycling on New Walk, at least in the interim while something is done about London Road.
  • In a straw poll, the majority of those at the meeting were in favour of calling for New Walk to be available to cyclists, given the lack of a safe alternative to London Road. Such a move would be at little or no cost and would immediately create a safe route, whilst plans continue to build something more long-term on London Road (which is going to take years to complete). People are already using New Walk to cycle on, mostly for reasons of personal safety, and those who are cycling considerately are more likely to be stopped and questioned/fined than those who are not.
  • Those against the idea pointed out that it is already heavily used by pedestrians and we want to take space away from cars (to reduce traffic and to make better use of road space). LCCG have been talking with the Council over a long period about a safe cycle path down London Road, including attending a site visit with Peter Soulsby to consider options. Our strategy is to encourage the building of segregated cycle paths along arterial roads, rather than pushing cyclists onto alternative routes.
  • New Walk has a road traffic order prohibiting cycling as well as being a footpath, so no cycling at present. The Council cannot change the status of the footpath but could allow cycling, although this would probably require a public enquiry for someone (LCCG?) would have to pay.
  • The issue on London Road is not one of traffic congestion but of chaos, which is putting cyclists at risk. We need to press the Council to sort it out, possibly with an urban clearway outside station, to reduce use by cars dropping off/picking up passengers.
  • Need to let Adam Clarke know of feeling of meeting and to ask how fast London Road can happen (see earlier comment). What are the alternatives if this is not fast enough? We and others will take action to put on the pressure.
  • Suggestion of a half-day conference to discuss the matter, rather than leaving it all to consultations taking place in offices.

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4 July 2016 – meeting minutes

11 members present, apologies from 2.

  1. Kidical Mass: this had taken place the day before the meeting, cycling Bede Park-Abbey Park-Bede Park. It would be repeated in another few weeks.
  2. Park survey: Brendan to send the surveys to Clare and Dennis.
  3. Hospital BUG (Bike Users’ Group): Neil has been trying to improve cycling provision at University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL). UHL is trying to set up a Bike Users’ Group: the contact is
  4. Email system: eemail seem to have fixed glitches which were causing problems in the recent past. Jamie has set up an alternative, and is testing it with a small number of members – initial results are promising. It was agreed to expand use to the rest of the forum members. It was agreed to seek user feedback for the next meeting – everyone should post at least one message.
  5. Braunstone Gate: Charlotte discussed developments at Braunstone Gate, and invited members to a public meeting on July 06 at The Laundry Bar. Clare would publicise the proposals; feedback to Charlotte on 07833 057 595;; particularly valued would be views from residents and regular users of Braunstone Gate.
  6. Rutland Street – Neil to contact the council expressing concern about car/cycle conflicts as cars exit the car park.
  7. Belgrave Road: the consultation is open ( A number of members had been to the two days of exhibitions and were not impressed. There was a two lane option and a four lane option, neither had segregated facilities for cyclists. Members would be encouraged to submit comments – Mat had suggested some points; Dave agreed to expand these to a model response and circulate to members.
  8. Welford Road: There had been issues with cars parking and signs being placed in the new cycleway, and one car driver had been filmed using it to “undertake” other cars. Elizabeth and Eric would discuss it when they met Councillor Adam Clarke. Members to post on the Facebook site and comments for Councillor Clarke.  Eric agreed to invite Councillor Clarke for a ride along Welford Road.
  9. It was agreed (Eric?) to ask for a meeting with the new Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (Willie Bach).
  10. AOB: Leicester City Public Access Forum is still looking for someone to represent the cycling interest – contact if you are interested.
  11. It was agreed to have an LCCG meeting as normal on Monday August 1 (no summer break).

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4 June 2016 – meeting minutes

The meeting started on the new Welford Road cycle lane, with a dozen or so people giving the path a tryout (see comments below).

Ten members were present at the meeting at The Exchange.

Riverside Festival feedback
We signed up around 40 new members, although not all of them were able to pay the membership fee. We were in a good location. It was agreed to do something similar at Skyride Leicester in August.

Rutland Centre car park
Neil explained how he was nearly struck by two vehicles exiting the car park next to The Curve. The road direction had recently been reversed to facilitate closure of a section of road outside the Exchange. Neil agreed to write to the council on behalf of the group, expressing concern.

Kiddical Mass
Mat, Anna, Jamie and others are organising an informal gathering for child cyclists and their parents at Abbey Park. The details had still not been agreed, but it would possibly take place on the weekend of July 2 and 3, and would involve traffic free routes.

Email system
The current system being used to send emails to group members was proving problematic. After some discussion, Jamie agreed to set up a fresh account as a potential replacement using which will also give us other data and information sharing options. The Committee will trial it for a month and provide feedback at the next meeting before making a decision about whether to move.

Park survey
After some discussion, it was agreed that Brendan would send copies of the parks surveys to Dennis for analysis and to Clare for eventual uploading on to the LCCG website.  It was agreed that due to cutbacks within the parks’ department, we would prioritise asking for a repeal of bylaws curtailing cycling within Victoria Park (?Councillor Adam Clarke) over asking for extra cycle parking provision across the city.

Welford Road cycle path
Before the meeting, there had been a site visit to the new cycle path on Welford Road. Although open to cyclists, it is not yet complete. Cyclists using it will have to stop at Toucan crossings where the road passes side roads – some may decide to use the road instead. The start and finish of the route had poor dropped kerbs, and it doesn’t currently link into the cycle lane at The Newarke – presumably this is awaiting site development. The route narrows and becomes a shared path with pedestrians ahead of the Toucan crossings. However, the lane also brought the first floating bus stop in the city, and would be useful for many/most cyclists. It was agreed to take balanced feedback to the City Cycle Forum. Elizabeth and Steve agreed to deal with any media enquiries.

Active City Workshop
Attendees expressed disappointment with the scale of the workshop, its focus on four-lane highways, and the absence of key figures from the City Council.

Other Business

  1. The Leicester City Public Access Forum is looking for up to four cyclists to join; it meets in afternoons. For details/to express interest, contact ;
  2. We are expecting an announcement on the Golden Mile, Belgrave, soon, with a new exhibition scheduled for 28 and 30 June at the Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre (see Council website consultation pages for information).
  3. There was a discussion of police failing to record injury collisions involving cyclists. This appeared to contradict Leicestershire Police’s own procedure and national guidance: which states:

“Police attendance is required where:

  • Any person is injured or killed 
  • There is a suggestion that a driver has been under the influence of drink or drugs
  • The road is obstructed
  • There are any allegations or offences. “

And: “Road Traffic Collisions will be recorded in the following circumstances:

  • Any person is killed or injured; 
  • The officer considers an offence has been committed…”

And: “Injury Collisions:

  • If the collision was on a public highway, an MG NSRF (collision statistics form) must be completed in full, and attached to the RTC booklet when submitting for registration.”

4.  Braunstone Gate would be closed to traffic as an experiment on June 12 and 13.

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Is Leicester a bike-friendly city?

Leicester Mercury article reporting on the Cycle City Active City conference (19-20 May 2016), quoting LCCG’s Eric Ludlow on our view of the progress being made towards ‘making cycling normal’ in Leicester.
LM on CCAC 2016

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2 May 2016 – Meeting minutes

Present: Eric, Brian (new), Andy B, Neil, Clare, Steve (Chair), Elizabeth (minutes)

Brian is based in Loughborough, coordinating a Sustrans group there.  Not planning to be a regular member but keeping in touch.

Assistant Mayor’s Forum

Steve and Dave went (thanks)

  • Connecting Leicester:  Canals and Rivers trust has done a lot of work improving canalside paths and a new path at Abbey Meadows (near Space Centre).  Andy B had written to the Council asking what should have been in place for cycling and walking diversions during the works; now putting in complaint as no response received.
  • ‘Townscape Heritage Initiative’.  Marble Street – will continue to be closed at the Newark Street end, but will be paved to look like other semi-pedestrianised areas.  Friar Lane, New Street, Wycliffe Lane will follow, completed by September 2017.  All car parking spaces will disappear.  We discussed the possibility of adding bike parking later.
  • London Road.   Work starting soon.  Will be two-way on the south side of the road.  Will be shared use at junctions, but floating bus stops.  Sounds as though it will go beyond Victoria Park roundabout, possibly to county boundary.  At the meeting our representative pointed out the junction sharing and lack of priority didn’t meet current London standards.  We have requested that they paint cycle priority on the junctions at a minimum.  Not out for consultation yet.
  • Belvoir Street – single lane out of city.
  • Belgrave – lane out of the city 1.5m wide segregated on left hand side.  No lane coming into the city. Promising that traffic flows will be alleviated
  • Future Cycles moving to Horsefair St 20 May
  • Ashton Green Development.  Out for consultation at the moment. A bit of a mess.
  • Lidl near the Phoenix will put in cycle racks; Staples is moving but will not at new site.

Cycle City Active City Conference – 19-20 June

Eric and Elizabeth will attend on behalf of LCCG.  All please give feedback on initial handout draft previously circulated on email list, and things you would like to have included.

Westcotes meeting with Sarah Russell and Andy S

Neil and Jaime met with Cllr Russell and Andy Salkeld (City Cycling Officer).

  • Still promising a cycle rack on Briton Street.
  • Discussed a cycle lane on Wilberforce Road and Western Road.  Idea falls apart a bit when crossing Upperton Road and at Paton Street.
  • On Wilberforce Road, agree would like flower beds that close roads to come out as they collect rubbish and make the cycle route annoyiing, but they do effectively close the roads
  • Andy S suggests going to wards for any money.  Elizabeth to go to Braunstone/Rowley Fields to request bike racks at the Coop / Wilkos at Imperial Road.

Welford Road cycle lane opening

  • Council have agreed they would like it, suggest week after Cycle City Conference; we have decided against this date.
  • We aren’t sure the lane is of good enough quality and not well enough connected to warrant a ‘celebration’.
  • There is some work at the end of Lancaster Walk at the prison that is incomplete – will eventually cross the street toward the Royal Infirmary.
  • Floating bus stops – used to be protected by 4m wide bus lanes.  Having lost that, people are waiting much closer to the road and will get covered in spray when it rains.  Also, the floating bus stops are used by people who are visually impaired and attend a clinic at the Royal Infirmary.  Appear to be missing tactile paving in important places, and a worry about people needing to cross the cycle lane.  There is concern that it is poorly designed for visual impairment.
  • Before monthly meeting on 6 June, we will meet at 6:30 at Welford Place to ride the cycle lane and form opinion on final quality and finish.  We could move from a celebration to a ‘get to see this and comment’ ride, etc.
  • Jaime – please add this to Riverside invitation to all members.

Riverside Festival

  • Neil will sort out banner and what things we own, retrieving it from the Council on 10th May.
  • Steve will email to organise a place (Andy Salkeld)
  • Need to update a lot of our photographs and clippings.
  • Suggestion: bicycle locking information, and where exactly people would like more racks.
  • Suggestion: our log of worrying places in the city – can we show it to people at Riverside?
  • Suggestion: collect info on yellow routes for the cycle map.


  • Lccg-discuss email address inconsistent with bounceback.
  • Suggest trying a test Google Group with various email addresses – Clare will give it a try.

Braunstone Gate

  • Concrete and wooden planters and white lines due to happen.
  • Charlotte would like feedback from cyclists about how it affects their journey once it happens.

Regent Road

  • Message from cyclist who had been hit on Regent Road.
  • Clare requested information on whether it was infrastructure related (beyond having to mix with cars) or solely due to dangerous driving.  Suggested using Lancaster Road (Route 63).

Cycle Map

Date of Next Meeting – 6 June 2016

  • 6:30pm at Welford Road cycle way (which should open that day) – meet at Welford Place
  • 7:30pm at the Exchange


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4th April 2016 – Meeting Minutes

Present:  Mat (chairing), Jaime, Paul (new), Neil, Andy B, Pete, Elizabeth (minutes)

  1. Carry forward actions from March, including
  • Welford Road opening celebrations (Steve+),
  • Prep for May conference (Elizabeth+),
  • Database of problem areas (Mat, Neil, all of us to add)


  1. Welford Road

Marlborough Street is about to be the site office for Welford Road redevelopment of ex-Council buildings.  There may not be a connected lane for 3 years or more as the lane under construction will stop south of the redevelopment site.

Still need to press for:

  • Request good signage about routes while it’s under construction, with dates of when it will open or recommended routes change

Suggest that we give the public a steer about who they should contact at the Council regarding complaints/suggestions.


  1. Railway station parking

Paul complained to British Transport Police when majority of above-ground racks were removed, explaining that getting to underground parking is difficult, it isn’t appealing.  Understands they are concerned about bike thefts, but think there should simply be a sign explaining the aboveground parking at your risk/discretion.  Sergeant in charge met Paul at home to discuss this.  Police explained that thieves were very organised and watched for times when the police leave their office; said they would consider putting bike racks on the platforms.  Paul explained that you can’t get to the parking hub from the London Road direction / East.

P wrote to city mayor and to East Midlands Trains (who the Transport Police said control the CCTV that isn’t looking at the bike parking above ground).  East Midlands trains wrote back saying that they didn’t intend to make any change, and that the level of thefts had dropped from one a day at its worst (above ground – no recent reports of thefts from hub).  Response from the mayor promises nothing, but talks about future progress of getting to the train station more easily.

Paul objects particularly to only having the underground parking – there are plans to remove all ‘trees’.  Also notes that the threatened penalty for parking against the railings may not be enforceable.

Would like:  toast racks where the trees are, or have been, as some people need to park at the train station more easily.  Also better CCTV coverage.  We are convinced that other people would like this, too.  Trying to work out who to talk to:  David Oldershaw (East Midlands Trains station manager) – most likely as they got the grant for the Hub facilities? Transport police? Network Rail?  Start with David Oldershaw.  Paul will draft a letter to go from the whole group, to include:

  • Please further market the Hub, for those who can use it;
  • Want Sheffield stands upstairs instead of the trees, and want enough of them for people who are in a hurry, willing to take the risk of theft, don’t want to fight to get downstairs.


  1. Conference planning

EB handout for the next time we meet.  Will send email to round up skills we bring and big successes.

Conference report back from Milton Keynes Smarter Travel Conference:  Andrew Jones, Minister for Transport, says the government takes no view on modal shift, or on how people travel.  Local Authorities can choose to spend their resources on that.  Private enterprise will fix everything.  It was an interesting message to bring to a Sustainable Transport conference.

And finally in the world of conferences, the CTC has contacted us to say it is hosting one on the Saturday after the Active Travel conference, in Leicester.  £45/ea (I think).

Database – carry actions forward.  People who read these minutes, please send in your most important issues, junctions, etc. as a starter.


  1. Kiddical Mass and Critical Mass

Kiddical Mass ride for children and families – middle of the summer, middle of the day.  Can it be linked to the Sparks Festival? – can funding be received?  Jaime will look into it, and work with Mat.

Critical Mass has been tiny recently (from a high of nearly 300 people).  Meeting Wednesday the 6th of April to reboot it.  Look for Facebook messages.


  1. Report back from Cycle City

Discussion of funding.  There is a small amount of money for soft measures; very little for hard measures – all from LLEP.

  • After 11th of April, design meeting for A50.
  • Welford Road opening in late May
  • Cycle maps – trying to decide what the Yellow routes should really denote
  • Belgrave moving forward with central reservation lanes.

Note:  Need to look at Charter Street – not much evidence of cycle route there, though new bridge is exciting.


  1. Riverside Festival in June

4th and 5th of June.  We want a table.  Neil’s arm twisted into organising.  Can we work alongside Sustrans again?


  1. Westcotes feedback

Jaime and Neil Met with Andy Connolly some months ago.  Awaiting date for a ward walkaround with the Andy’s.


  1. Breakfast with the Boss (UHL)

Finally happened – Neil went through two pages of A4…Chief Exec agreed to BUG (Bike User Group) and to pass on concerns to Estates.  Neil will request an introduction to Travel Planners instead.


  1. Local Access Forum

Next meeting Wednesday the 6th.  Agenda for cycling includes joint use words – Andy B will prompt Disabled group – plus summer events.

Braunstone Gate:  first phase on the street will be very soon, with relaning of the street and use of concrete planters.  Andy bringing suggestions to Local Access Forum regarding testing two different crossings at Braunstone Gate by using two different designs in a short area, but he understands that this was not supported locally and it is a local project.

Local Access forum has private meetings monthly (Wednesday afternoons) – can have up to 22 members, and others can write to the Council to ask to join.


  1. Canal is closed

At Frog Island and a couple of other places.

Why weren’t we told it was going to happen – why wasn’t it at Cycle City?

Why don’t the City promote the good work they are doing – it certainly looks like improved paths going in.


  1. Locking of gates on Forest Way

Where Route 63 crosses Fosse Road North, the useful gate has been locked again, and A-frame is too narrow to get large bikes or mobility scooters through.  Good news:  there is a queue of cyclists to get through at rush hour.  We think it may not be the Local Council who have locked it – they know that motorbikes can get onto the Rally at other places. – Pete will write to and to Janet Dyer in Sustainable Transport.


  1. Bus station due to open soon at Charles Street.  Could use a look at where cycle racks are and access generally.  The new circular bike locking devices against the rails are hard for anyone using the rails to navigate (for instance those who have visual impairments).  Disabled Access Group would  like Sheffield stands, and bikes, to move elsewhere.


  1. Upcoming: 28th of April at 7:30 – talk on air quality in Leicester.

7 May, Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire proposed demo.


Next meeting:  2 May (bank holiday), 7pm, Exchange Bar

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07 March 2016 Meeting Minutes

Present: Steve (chair), Elizabeth, Neil, Mat, Jaime (minutes)

Apologies: Anna, Eric, Brendan

  1. Feedback from AGM
    • Invoice to Secular Hall forwarded from JM to EB and to be paid by EB
    • Brendan to thank Sgt. Danvers for her time
  2. Active City Conference
  • EB gave details of proposed slot – 5 minutes as part of a networking session in the main part of conference (maybe last slot on first day). Provisional title, “Making the Most of Your Campaign Group.” Targeted at local authorities and focused on helping campaign groups and council-type institutions to work together.
  • Not much contact/communication from conference organisers yet.
  • All agreed that 5 min was not long and needed a very brief (bullet-pointed?) presentation with a printed sheet or leaflet to give out (important to have web links on this sheet).
  • Positioning of campaign group important – most useful to be seen as middle ground/critical friend and we could draw on our role as advisers for new infrastructure as well as our skills at publicising the work councils are doing (e.g. press release for Marble St improvements).
  • Important negative point to highlight is the lack of dialogue with the engineers/people on the ground so that even if we, as a group, get to ‘influence’ general concepts, the actual plans or work produced often ignores our input and/or is executed poorly. To spin as a positive point, councils should be drawing on the vast expertise and enthusiasm of volunteer-run campaign groups who are avid cyclists but also often very knowledgeable about contemporary infrastructure and state-of-the-art advances.
  • NB started discussion over possible affiliation to other groups. Decided that a nice idea in theory and something to be pursued in the future although we probably wouldn’t want to sink too much time or money into it right now.
  • Going to find extra people to help EB at the conference. JM and NB said they might be available and were going to check.
  1. Live list on ongoing issues
  • NB and MS are trialling a list of ongoing issues that can be updated and will give the membership a clear record of what we are doing and what we have done as a group. At the moment it exists as a Google Drive document.
  • Rough plan is to have a Google Form that members can submit and forms will be added to a (non-editable) spreadsheet that will include a map, priority rating (maybe), what we are doing about it. For next few weeks will open up to committee so that bugs can be identified. Review of list can be a standing agenda item so that issues to not get overlooked. NB and MS to action.
  1. Welford Rd Opening Celebration
  • SM to contact council and find out opening day (probably Adam Clarke). Discussion about whether cyclist breakfast or cyclist tea (for commuters) or weekend party would work best. EB pointed out that news media were easier to attract in mornings but exact plan might have to wait until we have more details (e.g. times, dates).
  • SM to request Cycle Challenge funds (£300) from Andy Sawkeld
  • Probable date for event is June so hopefully weather good.
  • NB suggested that food/drinks could be sourced from Welford Rd vendors to encourage a pro-cyclist vibe.
  1. AOB
  • EB going to Smarter Travel Conference in Milton Keynes. Info about car-sharing, electric vehicles etc. Interest in MK infrastructure. Will report back at next meeting
  • Meeting of HALL at Parcel Yard on Thursday (10/03) and a planned demo for 7th May
  • More Braunstone Gate consultation this week. In general, project could do with more input from cyclists.

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