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Granby St / Northampton St junction

Granby Street


In 2010 / 2011, Granby Street finally got a cycle contraflow which links Halford St to Rutland St. Now, cyclists can legally ride directly from the clocktower to the railway station. It’s not a bad facility, apart from one point – the junction with Northampton street. Here, cyclists who have used the weird Rutland St crossing and have continued along Granby St on the largely observed car-free cycle lane to Rutland St are faced with car drivers turning right across them – many of whom don’t expect cycle coming from their right and don’t give way to them.

We think this is unacceptably dangerous and an accident waiting to happen and call on the City Council to improve this junction.

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Cyclists demand action over ‘killer junction’

Someone will be killed unless a city centre junction is improved, say local cyclists.

Leicester Cycling Campaign Group [LCCG] is calling for changes to be made to the junction on Granby Street, where a contra-flow cycle lane crosses Northampton Street. The cycle lane was created some 12 months ago and enables cyclists to use Granby Street in both directions.

Eric Ludlow, spokesperson for LCCG, said:

‘The contra-flow cycle lane is an excellent idea, but there is a desperate need to make changes where it crosses Northampton Street. Motorists are simply not expecting to see anyone approaching from their right, as they know that Granby St is one-way for motorised traffic. And cyclists think they are safe as they are riding in a designated cycle lane. It’s an accident waiting to happen. We warned the council about the dangers when the cycle lane first opened, but nothing has been done. I just hope it doesn’t take the death of a cyclist to make change come about. Comments from our members include:

‘It is horrible, very scary. Since a terrible experience the first time I used it I am super cautious. Cars do not slow down and many just do not look for cyclists at all.’

I have had many horrible experiences at that particular junction.  I now tend to use an alternative route which is a real shame.’

‘It’s a glaring error on Granby St and I have had several near-misses there.’

Newly-opened Ebike Electric Cycle Centre supports the campaign for change. Managing Director Liam Dunphy said:

‘Based as we are directly on the junction, and being cyclists ourselves, we have a pretty unique perspective on the problem. Since we opened, four months ago, I don’t think a day has gone by without our seeing a near-miss. Cars barely seem to slow down – the junction needs to be redesigned to force them to do so, otherwise someone is going to be killed.’

The contraflow cycle lane starts at Granby Street’s junction with Belvoir St and Halford St. It is situated on the left-hand side of the carriageway until just after the junction with Northampton Street, where it continues on the right-hand side to link with the Toucan crossing over London Road.

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