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LCCG Response to Waterside consultation

After discussion at our February meeting and in our email discussion group, LCCG has sent the following to Leicester City Council in response to the Waterside development consultation document. We hope it will give you some ideas when you are making your own response on the Council’s consultation website :

We would like to welcome the council’s plans to regenerate the Waterside area as set out in the SPD.

We believe that in a residential-led mixed development in this location, cycling could be a key means of transport. The location is very close to the amenities and transport links of the city centre. Potentially cycling could be the mode of transport of choice for a) those who choose to live in the Waterside; b) those who work in the Waterside; and c) those who choose to visit it for its environmental and recreational attractions.

Key to this is making suitable provision for cycling. We welcome the strong emphasis on cycling within the SPD. These build upon proposals for the A50 which the council has already consulted on.
We welcome the following specific proposals contained in the SPD, although we would ask to be consulted on the detailed design:

  1. Opening up parts of the riverside/canalside which are not currently accessible to the public;
  2. Segregated cycleway(s) on the A50;
  3. Proposals to improve cycle crossing at the A563 inner ring road.

We are concerned:

  1. That there is no mention of cycling provision along the section of the A47 contained within the SPD area;
  2. Because it is unclear whether cycling provision on secondary/tertiary routes would be physically segregated from motor traffic and pedestrians (we believe they should be);
  3. That Soar Lane is currently a quiet route, at least in part due to the stretch which is one-way to motor vehicles. The SPD proposes making it two-way along its length. We would expect if this happens that the segregated cycle lane is also extended along the entire length of Soar Lane, and that it is properly segregated from pedestrians.

We would like the council to further consider:

  1. Making the Waterside area a 20mph zone except for the A50, A6, A563 and A47. This would benefit both cyclists and pedestrians;
  2. Improving lighting along riverside and canalside paths to allow safe and secure use by cyclists and pedestrians at all times of the day and night;
  3. The provision of cycle parking throughout the development area.
  4. Dutch style segregated cycle tracks on both sides of major roads through the area, including cycle provision through junctions.

We look forward to further involvement in making the Waterside area a safe, appealing, and pleasant area for people to live, work and travel through.

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Potential ‘Shared Space’ on Golden Mile

Council plansThe Council is in the process of consulting on proposals to improve the stretch of Belgrave Road known as the ‘Golden Mile’. The main public consultation closed towards the end of November 2014 and ongoing consultations are continuing, led by a Consultation Working Group, membership of which and details of the next stages of the process can be found on the Council’s website.

LCCG is engaging closely on the project with the Council through the monthly Cycle City Workshops and quarterly Cycle Forums, particularly given the project’s focus on the concept of Shared Space, which will have an impact on the experience of people cycling through the area.

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Belgrave Flyover Project documents

Visit the Council’s Consultation archives for documents relating to the demolition of Belgrave Flyover and restructuring of the infrastructure around Belgrave Circle. We have been in communication with the Council throughout the reconstruction period and continue to raise our concerns about the design and the consultation process as it relates to the cycling community. See the notes from our Meetings for various updates on the project.

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Waterside Development consultation launched

Leicester City Council has launched a consultation on plans to redevelop 60 acres of Waterside area around Soar Island and a section of the A50. The area “…is a gateway to Leicester City Centre and has significant potential for economic and physical transformation to create a high quality residential-led mixed-use neighbourhood which connects the city centre to the waterfront.” The plans aim to improve infrastructure to make the area a place where (amongst other things) “people feel safe and comfortable to walk and cycle through, and to the city centre.”

Waterside DevelopmentPlans include new cycle infrastructure and improvements to existing paths, such as the section of National Cycle Network Route 6 between Abbey Park and St Augustine’s Road. These improvements will focus on “re-establishing a pedestrian friendly character (similar to a high street with wider pavements, on street parking, cycle ways and street trees) on the A50” and “strengthening the east-west link of Repton Street – Soar Lane – Sanvey Gate for walking and cycling”. The design also looks to make Soar Island into “a destination in its own right with a mix of uses and green space which encourage public access to the water front”.

Read the Waterside Supplementary Planning Document and visit the Council’s Consultation webpages for more information and to respond to the plans before 27 February 2015.

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Space 4 Cycling

S4C_ICONS_REDLCCG supports the national Space for Cycling campaign and we are pleased with the response from local councillors to our postcard writing campaign. If you haven’t already done so, please go to the Space 4 Cycling website, check out the video in which Jon Snow outlines the campaign’s six focus areas. Use the MAP link to see which councillors have already signed up and how we compare with other parts of the UK.

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Welford Road demo

Lots of coverage on local media, starting with Jim Davis and Jo Hayward’s show on Radio Leicester in the morning (starting at about 2:08, including LCCG’s Elizabeth Barner, Steve from Healthy Air Leicester & Leicestershire and Mark Radymski, the person who started the anti-petition).

Then Ben Jackson’s afternoon show starting about 2:06 with some background then interviews done on the street at the start of the demo, including with our youngest demonstrator, 11m old Ellie

A not-great piece on East Midlands Today (starting at 14:00, and available until 7pm on Tuesday 11 November). Well done, Anna, for getting our points across despite some dodgy stats, misinformation and opining from the reporter.LM Demo

Leicester Mercury’s piece includes lots of quotes from YOU lovely people – thanks again!

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It’s happened – Newarke St cycle lane

It’s finally finished – and those pesky lamp posts have gone. It has to be said that what’s good is very good – a wide, smooth surface where cars, pedestrians and cycles are given their own space – and the link at the Magazine end doesn’t involve waiting ages on the traffic island. On the downside, still to be sorted is a safe entry and exit to the bike lane at the Welford Place end and there is still a problem with people using it a short term parking. Dave’s video shows the problems at the top end. Here we illustrate why the lane needs to be made harder to park a vehicle on.

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