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Agendas, minutes of our meetings.

February meeting minutes

Present:  Brendan, Andy, Mike, Pete, Steve, Elizabeth, Neil, Brendan, Jaime

Apologies:  Mat, Anna, Eric

AGM Planning

5 March, 10-1 at Secular Hall, followed by a meal at Shivalli at 1:30 for those who are interested.

Jaime has started organising the AGM.  We are expecting the running order to be the business in Section 1, followed by the discussions in Section 2.

  1. Reports and business; constitution
    1. Membership
    2. Campaigns – what we’ve done this year
    3. Treasurer
    4. Elections
    5. Minutes and Matters Arising
  1. 4 different discussions
    1. Map and where to put super highways – Dave W
      1. Put current or proposed routes on?
      2. Include Parks cycling
    2. Direct action – what people can do rather than just wait for the Council – Steve
    3. Junction design – what is the best design for a junction? Which ones work and which don’t? – Jaime
    4. Increasing modal share – as a campaign group, how do we (do we?) help to drive modal share and increase family cycling? – Neil

Points we are unclear about:

  • Police have been invited – a Sergeant (May Danvers) is due to come; inspector for city centre said she would come. May send PCSO
  • Is Adam Clarke coming? Others from Council?

Some volunteers for thus far:

  • Jaime: tea and coffee
  • Meal at Shivalli for 1:30 (Neil to book)
  • Safari: Elizabeth
  • Steve will make sure tidy up at the end has worked.
  • Display out front? Brendan can borrow?
  • EB to send Accounts to Jaime to go into preparatory papers.
  • Brendan – poster to advertise where it is (will go to cycle shops)

We still need:  Chair, set up, refreshments.

  • Request interest in committee before 5 March.
  • Check on matters arising from last year before 5 March
  • Request for baked goods.

Cycle City / Active City Conference 18-20 May

EB spoke to Landor – possible workshop; awaiting response.

Ticket discussion from last Deputy Mayor’s Forum:

  • Adam Clarke agreed to 1-2 tickets and there will be a place for LCCG.
  • All regular attendees of Mayor’s Forum will get a ticket.
  • Can submit a paper, which will also result in a ticket.
  • Can get a ticket in exchange for volunteering.

Conferences/meetings alongside this conference

  • Children’s ride to Curve now coming under umbrella of Conference
  • Led Rides
  • Wheels for All conference
  • NHS – unsure what department – having a meeting/conference
  • Cycle delivery / business fringe day

Check Conference website

EB to send around some suggestions of things we can offer on Thursday

  • Models of interaction with planners, designers, political institutions – with organisations/Local Authorities?
  • Suggested workshop on the benefits of campaign groups, to be delivered alongside other regional groups.
  • Led rides / infrastructure safari – maybe morning of 19th?
  • EB – ask Landor what time things kick off; when they expect people to arrive.

Some of conference starts 18th May; several rides planned plus Visit to Giant UK HQ

Parks Survey

More people have volunteered

Need:  Spinney Hill (EB volunteered);  Victoria;  Humberstone

Brendan to send out info again regarding what we are surveying in the parks.


  • Waterside
    • We objected to making Soar Lane 2-way from 1-way and main access to new housing, with 2-way shared use path. 15 pages of conditions are included in planning permission, but this has not been included.
  • Newarke St
    • Waiting for feedback from Council about allowing loading on the cycle lane.
    • May be a question of legality – if it’s legal to load on the road, it’s legal to load on the verge unless a change has been made in law and we think it has not been.
  • Marble Street
    • Being blocked off. Should be finished in a month or so.  Lockable bollards have been put in, but are in the ground.


  • Neil will respond to hospital representative asking them to link to LCCG about cycling overall in the city.
  • Neil is going to ‘breakfast with the boss’ to discuss cycling at the hospitals – Chief Executive of UHL. Would like to hand over ideas for the hospitals.  Will create an outline and send it to the group.
    • Suggestion – charitable funds for staff welfare, including cycle racks.
    • Suggestion – Campaign for Better Transport Leicestershire – 6 monthly meetings at UHL previously – any recommendations hidden there?
    • Suggestion – Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire website for ideas.



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January 2016 Meeting

Andy, Brendan, Clare, Dave, Herbert, Jamie, Mat, Neil, Peter, Steve
Previous minutes
None were available. Previous topics included:
  • Belgrave Road: there was a further meeting about this due on 05/01/2016. Dave had submitted a response on behalf of LCCG. The council is expected to submit its proposals in February. There were likely to be experimental lane closures – please submit ideas to the council if you can suggest what these closures should be for, beyond collecting data about how Belgrave Road would work with two lanes instead of four. The deadline for comments on the consultation is 15/01/2016: .
  • Belvoir Street: this has been put back again, and will go to the council’s scrutiny committee.
  • Welford Road: a modified version of the cycle route is to go ahead; however, the city council isn’t sharing the revised plan. Mat will ask for a copy of the plan; if a polite request fails, we will try a Freedom of Information request.
Annual General Meeting planning:
  • This will take place at the Secular Hall, Humberstone Gate, Saturday 05/03/2016. Jamie will do an official notice to members, giving appropriate notice, and asking them what their priorities are (possibly through Survey Monkey).
  • Ideas for group work included: Why are you a member? What should we say at Cycle City Conference (see below); What issues are important for you? Should Leicester adopt Nottingham’s infrastructure guide?
  • It was agreed to offer a 30 minute tour of cycle infrastructure, followed by going for lunch together.
  • There was a discussion of tools to assess the quality of cycle routes, and whether we could make a video of this to show at the AGM (this link discusses such tools: ).
  • Clareto ask Charlotte whether she wants to discuss the Braunstone Gate ‘Places for People’ project at the AGM.
  • It was agreed to invite Councillor Adam Clarke (Mat) and Inspector Simon Preston (Brendan) to the AGM.

LCCG display equipment:

  • It was unclear where this equipment is. Clare to contact Charlotte. Mat to make enquiries about storing the equipment at the Town Hall Bike Park; if not, Steve has offered temporary space in his garage.
Active City Cycle City Conference:
  • Matto approach Councillor Adam Clarke about LCCG having 2-3 places and/or a chance to contribute. Dave has already offered to do a presentation on six years of everyday cycling in Leicester.

Other Business

  • Jamie said he was still trying to engage with his local councillors about cycle infrastructure.
  • Parks survey: Brendan to circulate Clare’s survey as an example to others, and to ask for volunteers to survey the rest of the city’s parks for cycle friendliness.
Next meeting: 01/02/2016.

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October 2015 Meeting

 Present:  Michael, Clare, Jaime, Brendan, Elizabeth, Steve, Sarah

Email sent to Carlton Reid looking at the Cycle Plans for Leicester from a local campaigner’s perspective. [Update: very positive email received back from Carlton Reid.]

Engaging with the Council:

We are frustrated with consultations processes and thinking about trying an open letter to the Mercury or getting more national comment from the Blogosphere.

Decision from this meeting:  Look for other options for now, no foreseeable win from this style of confrontation.  Also, remember the larger picture that Leicester is actually trying to lower car ownership and use.

  • Should we ask Adam Clarke what we would need to do in order to avoid this?  Problems with A50, Marble Street, Northampton St.  Important not to not to sound whiny.
  • Also, how do we work directly with the public to let them know how cycling benefits them?
  • The Council have to be addressing air pollution – they have larger things and overall positions to consider.
  • Wise to join with other groups not working specifically on cycling.

A50 (Glenfield Road)

Continuing consultation.  Meeting on 7th – next stage.  Earliest for Steve is 5:30/6.  Include ‘we predict’ language – “if you don’t do this, we predict there will be this sort of incident”.

[Update – meeting on 7th postponed to 14th.]

Near misses – Raised by new meeting attendee (Sarah) – let’s think about it again.  Shall we pursue the police to set up a reporting option? Shall we ask the Council to do this?  Shall we pick it up?  Want to make sure that we don’t scare (newer) cyclists by sounding as if cycling is scary and dangerous.

Film about us (£300 challenge grant-funded) – yes we do want to do it! (Steve to contact Andy S)  Also will contact Critical Mass (Clare)

Parks – survey of city parks.  Parks should be a through-route for cyclists and have parking, etc.  Need a few more volunteers to come forward.  Agreed surveying for:  bye-laws; cycle parking; entries and exits; surfaces; signage; problem spots.  Brendan will send update/request around.

Westcotes ward surgery.  Jaime and Neil met with Cllr Andy Connolly.  Very supportive local councillors.  Looking for progress on previous discussion (none yet).  Good discussion, however – sense of support, but not of action.  In future, Andy Connelly will set up a walkaround the ward with Jaime, Neil and Andy S to look at specific problem spots.  Will look at putting in single Sheffield racks (in the US, these are called ‘parking staples’.) to prevent car-parking on the pavement and add a little bit of cycle parking.

Welford Road.  Disabled access group oppose route on the east side of the road.  We would prefer the west side as well.  Problem with construction at the hospital?  Good question to ask at the consultation this week or next week.  Please check in at the former library on Belvoir St to see if the consultation is up and running and give input.

Provision for electric bikes – secure parking, charging points, etc.  Is there anything more secure available?  What about charging points?  Is there any place working on this?  Suggest writing a letter to ask for electric bike charging points alongside car parking points in recent bid. (Michael drafting letter).

Charles Street – Members have been concerned about buses waiting and traffic in single file along narrowed bit.  Clare wrote to bus companies asking why buses were allowed to stop in this single-file area.  Answer:  buses are dropping off only.  Don’t seem inclined to change; they suggest making complaints if seen to be taking on passengers or other poor behaviour.

Melton Road – Cycle way from the 1930s in poor condition.  Man in video with fabulous bike says it has ruined his bearings.  Suggest he sends the video to One Clean Leicester.

Rowley Fields Allotment Society.  Jaime wrote to thank them for use of gazebos at Sky Ride.

A few things we didn’t get to:

  • How to secure a trailer
  • Cycle Parking overall
  • AGM planning
  • Conference – May (Speak to Landor organisers)

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September minutes

Leicester Cycle Campaign Group

Notes from monthly meeting, 07 September 2015


Eric, Mat, Jamie, Neil, Grant, Elizabeth, Peter, Clare, Steve, Brendan, Sven.

1. Skyride feedback

We recruited 25 members at the event. The weather was not the best. The event failed to take in much new cycling infrastructure – possible because of the difficulty of accommodating bus diversions. The route wasn’t always clear. There were few if any places to help riders with repairs.

Neil agreed to buy a wheelie bag to carry LCCG stall equipment for future events.

Jamie agreed to write a letter of thanks to the Rowley Fields Allotment Society, who lent us the table and gazebo we used.

We also discussed a future event without Sky’s involvement. There was a feeling that we would prefer something with more of an emphasis on safe access to streets, and less of a festival of cycling.

2. Upcoming events

Cycle City Workshop, Wednesday September 16, 5pm,

Cycle City 2016 Business meeting – Thursday September 17, 12.30pm, The Curve – Elizabeth, Eric to attend.

Cycle City (Mayor’s) Forum – September 23, 6.30pm – Steve to attend (Jamie to attend on behalf of the University).

– Attendance at these events to be opened to the email discussion group.

Green Festival of Making and Mending – October 31, Friends’ Meeting House

( ), this may include tuition on how to repair your own bike.

Healthy Air Leicester/Green Party – are having a stall at Leicester Railway Station every Saturday in September, 9am to noon, to gain signatures to reinstate/speed up electrification of the Midland main line. On October 17 members will be passing a giant electricity plug from town to town along the route.

3. Waterside

It was agreed to object to a planning application which would result in Soar Lane becoming a “shared surface” with significantly more motor traffic, and possibly becoming two-way along its entire length. It was agreed to ask Clare to add this to the website.

4. A50

We are expecting a decision on possible improvements in week commencing September 14, possibly at the Mayor’s Forum.

5. Welford Road

It was agreed to write to Councillor Adam Clarke to ask for an update, and to suggest a joint meeting with the Access Forum to go through the plans.

6. Marble Street

Despite earlier suggestions, we were not now expecting action this year to tackle safety problems at this site. There was also no sign of action to tackle concerns at the Northampton Street/Granby Street junction. It was agreed that Eric would draft a media release criticising the council over inaction.

There was also a discussion about safety concerns for cyclists during ongoing roadworks along Charles Street. It was agreed to raise this at the Cycle City Workshop.

7. Parks

It was agreed to conduct a survey of the city’s parks – whether cycling was allowed, and what parking and other facilities for cycling were available. Brendan agreed to co-ordinate this, asking for volunteers to survey their local parks.

8. Any Other Business

a) We noted that the “shared space” at Jubilee Square had received further critical coverage on BBC Radio Leicester; as a result further temporary signs had gone up. There appeared to be particular problems with motorists making illegal left hand turns, and Circle cabs parking.

b) on 10/09/2015 there was a further meeting planned for the Braunstone Gate Community Forum at O Bar.


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LCCG minutes 3rd Aug 2015

LCCG minutes 3rd Aug 2015


Dave W, Andy B, Jamie Mc, Neil B, Brendan McG, Eric L, Jem C, Mat S


  • Welford road update
  • Skyride
  • Newarke St parking
  • Bell St, Wigston
  • Local Access Forum
  • A50 progress
  • Membership


Welford road update

Both the LAF (Local Access Forum) and the Cycle City Workshop have been consulted on plans which are not publicly available and hence haven’t been studied in detail. Welford Road was wrapped up in the LCC press release of 22nd July (
This also mentions a consultation but there are no dates for the consultation or the building work.

Brendan has drafted a letter of support for the cycle track plan – agreed to send this to the Mercury when LCC have announced work is to start, ahead of anticipated ‘outcry’ from motor lobby.

Actions : LAF and LCCG have shared concerns for this project. Eric to contact Adam Clarke to propose a joint meeting with LCCG, LCC and LAF to review current plans. Mat S to request dates for consultation and work.


Agreed to take a stand at Westival on Braunstone Gate. Theme – utility bikes and ways to transport people / stuff by bike.

Actions : Neil to co-ordinate people and to contact Charlotte re a reduced rate stand.
All – bring child carrying / cargo / electric / other utility bikes to Skyride. Jamie to email membership requesting help on stand and utility bikes.


Newarke St parking

The Parking team at LCC have confirmed that continuous loading is allowed on the cycle track on Newarke St – and also on the roadway on the double yellow lines. If an enforcement officer sees a vehicle parked, they have to observe it for 5 mins before issuing a ticket.

If vehicles are observed parked on Newarke St we can call Parking Services on 0116 454 6300.


Bell St, Wigston

Re Martyn Smith’s email to LCCG discuss, the County has proposed banning cycling on Bell St in Wigston. It is a disproportionate reaction to damage caused by motor vehicles and would remove (probably forever) a cycle route with few pleasant
alternatives. So far there has been little support for cycling through here and local councillors are not supportive.

If you want to cut&paste some comments, here are mine (MS):
I object to the banning of cycling on Bell Street.

Bell St is an important link between Leicester Road and Bull Head St because the alternative routes are unpleasant on a bike. The issues on Bell St are caused by cars and banning cycles is unnecessary and disproportionate.

I recognise that pedestrians should have priority in this area and would support 24/7 cycling with signage to make it clear that pedestrians have priority here.

Action : All to respond to consultation at by 7th AUGUST


Local Access Forum

The LAF would like to improve links between themand groups like LCCG and ask if we could send somebody to theirquarterly meetings. Eric and Jem volunteered to attend.

Action : Eric and Jem to contact Paul Standley ( confirm attendance and request information pack ahead of the next LAF meeting.


A50 progress

After the last lot of plans for the A50 wereroundly rejected and the cycle element halted by SPS, the council have done some repainting and fiddled with the side junctions but we’ve heard nothing of revised cycle plans.

Action : MS to contact Adam Clarke to chase progress.



Action : Jamie to email the membership with some news / updates and to request help / bikes for the skyride.

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July minutes

LCCG 6 July 2015

Present: Andy, Steve, Mat, Sue, Charlotte, Jaime, Neil, Elizabeth, Brendan, Pete

1. Round up of plans viewed at Cycle City Workshop in June

  • Abbey Park Road
    • Seemed to understand the need for segregation
    • Will still be hard to get to Abbey Park and turn left, but otherwise ok
  • Welford Road
    • Set to use central reservation.
    • Crosses with pedestrians several times.
    • Not segregated where it crosses Regent Road (at least until new A&E dept)
    • Local Access Forum group has put in an objection.
    • Signalised crossings at junctions expected.
    • Expect a lot of public reaction against this. We need to prepare a press response – Brendan
    • Question – should it be on the other side of the road?
    • Suggestion: Want to see this super route to Pork Pie Roundabout
  • REHAB: Plan to clear up streets around the city, especially around parking and loading.
    • Belvoir St (mayor says it needs a contra-flow cycle lane, but currently parking and loading are in the way. Scheduled for Jan 2016?
    • Rutland St will get more cycle parking
    • Looking at Horsefair St and others for 2018+

2. Feedback on meeting with Adam Clarke

  • Now assistant mayor, it’s harder to pin him down.
  • Cycle-city Workshop consultations – no promises, but Cllr Clarke is involved in most plans, so we should work with/through him.
  • We can ask for a TROs (traffic regulation orders) go to Planning Committee (will increase amount of scrutiny, but we may not get to

3. Cycling Embassy of Great Britain AGM

  • Adam Clarke joined for some of the infrastructure safari.
  • Idris Waraich, Highways Engineer, joined for the whole day
    • Reports back that the direction needs to come from above for him to come to meetings and learning opportunities like this in the future.
  • Lots of useful things for the City Council via this meeting:
    • Promise of support from Brian Deegan (Transport for London)
    • Support for engineers
    • Positive press

Letter to Cllr Clarke; Mayor; Andrew L. Smith, including roundup of positives and (separate?) reminder of non-engagement earlier, work on further relationship. – Elizabeth to draft

4. Festivals

  • Riverside: 25 new members.
  • Suggestion that festivals need a bit more engagement in terms of what we do on behalf of members and wider good, etc. (as previous years). Quick suggestions:
      • Questions and come to join us: Do you want it to be easier to get your child to school, etc.
      • How to…carry kids or stuff, teach a child to ride, etc. Photos, etc.
      • Prep for Sky Ride? Charlotte has Bicycology leaflets; Elizabeth may have cargo bike info.

5. Membership update

  • Over 250 members now
  • Question from a member of the public: What are we doing to get private businesses to install cycling facilities?
    • Answer – individuals take this on on behalf of LCCG; some influence via city plans; we generally push the Council to stay on top of this in planning phases, etc.

6. Sarah Russell mtg

  • On track again. Will ask about Briton St as well as requirements on private businesses to provide cycling facilities.

7. A50

  • Poor consultation thus far, dating back to no engagement between November and May.
  • Objected to this at May CCW, about dismal consultation and about the poor quality of the plans (much worse than the originals we saw in November)
  • First of June meeting on site, especially discussing junctions. Saw uninspiring plans from Sustrans, which was disappointing.
  • Adam Clarke on board to help the discussion
  • Can’t see why there can’t be a cycle lane on each side of the road.
  • Have done a decent job on the ground thus far – have lowered kerbs on four junctions (the junctions discussed)…but we would like them to be putting in raised tables (as suggested by us and confirmed at Cycling Embassy of GB as doable and better practice).

8. AOB

  • More talk about University Road being closed to motorised traffic (except taxis and buses?) From the Council today.
  • Recent death of long-standing employee of the Transport Dept – hit by bus while walking down London Road.
  • Sky Ride 30 August
    • Good for signing people up. Volunteers to pull things together? Maybe Neil, with Steve to help thus far…more needed
  • Leicester Disabled People’s Access Group. Will aim for another meeting.


7pm, 3 August 2015

The Exchange, Rutland St.

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June meeting notes

A50 – The A50 plans were discussed. The work within the City, which was planned to go ahead has now been postponed because of concerns from the cycling community, including LCCG. We are hoping that Adam Clarke, the new lead on cycling, will be able to assist with improving the scheme. LCCG would like to see a timetable for seeing new plans and for a good consultation to take place.
Riverside – Anna and Neil to organise. The boards and gazebo will be delivered on Saturday morning.
Mayors Forum – Ensure the City Mayor is aware of concerns with the consultation process. CPD for council officers, evident that some officers don’t know about new cycle design and options available.
Marble Street – Still no clear sign as to which option they are looking to do. The Mayor has assured us that the junction shall be made safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
Issues in West End – Neil to contact Sarah Russell to arrange a catch up.

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Monday 4th May – LCCG Monthly Meeting

Agenda – Riverside Festival

Phoenix, Bikes v’s Car film, Sunday 10th May

Cycle Embassy Great Britain – AGM

Meeting with Liz Kendall

Regent Road – King Street Junction

Northampton / Marble Street

Positive piece on new infrastructure

1. Riverside Festival. LCCG are having a stall at the festival on the 6th and 7th of June. A gazebo and table can be made available from Anna, this will need to be collected and returned, the info boards are currently being stored with Sustrans kit. Help needed to run the stall as it is a two day event, please get in touch if you can help.

2. Phoenix. Bikes v’s Cars 3.45pm, Sunday 10 May. LCCG will have a stall before and after the film. Neil to organise, Anna to take banner and leaflets.

3. Cycle Embassy Great Britain AGM – 27th and 28th June. Elizabeth is leading on this. They would like LCCG to plan an infrastructure tour. It is an open event, share with our members closer to the date. Elizabeth asks if anyone would be willing to host a member of the group, ie spare room for he Saturday night.

4. Meeting with Liz Kendall. Thanks to Brendan and Charlotte for attending a meeting with the Leicester West MP. See Brendans notes for detail.

5. Mat has recieved a letter from the Coroner regarding the City Councils thoughts on the junction. Please ask Mat Scull if you would like to know more.

6. Neil asked the question what is happening with the Marble Street junction and the Northampton Street junction. We were assured by the City Mayor something would be done regarding Marble Street. Action – Mat to contact the Mayor in a months time.

7. Agreed that LCCG should put together an article for the Mercury which celebrates the new cycle tracks ie St Nic Circle. Action – Ask Eric to draft a letter or article.

Next meeting 1st June 7pm Exchange Bar

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Monthly meeting minutes 13/4/2015

Leicester Cycle Campaign Group

Monthly Meeting – 13th April 2015

Present – Elizabeth Barner, Eric Ludlow, Brendan McGrath, Steve Massey, Peter Everard, Charlotte Jones, Jamie McCutcheon, Mat Scull, Clare Scott, Neil Bastock

There was no agenda or minutes of the last meeting, so we formed an agenda on the spot-

  1. Coroners report on cyclist death
  2. Elections
  3. London Road
  4. Mayors Meeting
  5. Cycle City Workshop
  6. Riverside Festival
  7. Cycling Embassy
  8. Welford Road
  9. AOB
  1. Coroners Report

The LCCG had written a submission to the coroner with concerns of the Regent Road/King Street area. Eric attended the meeting and has received the findings.  The conclusions were that the unfortunate accident was the fault of the cyclist who moved out into a lane of active traffic from between parked cars and was killed instantly.

The coroner did look at the LCCG submission and forwarded it onto the council for them to investigate.  The council has 56 days to report back.

ACTION – Eric to write to the council to ask for a copy of their invsestigation

  1. Elections

Peter had written to the 3 local MP’s asking for their views on cycling in Leicester.  Liz Kendalls’ rep response has been received and put onto the yahoo group. The rep also offered a meeting with Liz.

Jamie is searching the various manifestos for “cycling” and will post his results to the yahoo group.

Mayoral hustings with the BBC is coming up soon.

ACTIONS     . Peter to write to Liz Kendall suggesting a meeting

. Jamie to send our question to the Beeb – “What will you do to enable   cycling in Leicester” or similar

  1. London Road

The London road proposals were discussed but at present there is no firm plans.  It is expected that nothing will happen until after the elections.  The LCCG is in favour of a 2-way segregated cycle lane.  It was noted that the Mercury had coverage and that 52% of those responding were in favour.

ACTION – Steve to write letter to Mercury In favour of the proposals.


  1. Mayors Meeting

There was a lot of discussion regarding the  workings and outcomes of the meetings.

ACTION – That those attending, meet or contact each other prior to each meeting to discuss how they will present/respond.

  1. Riverside Festival

The festival is set for the 6/7 June and LCCG will have a stall, probably sharing with Sustrans again.

ACTION – Steve to contact Andy at Council to book a site.


  1. Cycle City Workshop

Concerns over when the A50 meeting will be held.


  1. Cycling Embassy

The Cycling Embassy are holding their AGM in Leicester June 27/28.  We have been asked to help with an infrastructure safari.

ACTIONS –     Elizabeth to coordinate.  Will be looking for offers of accommodatin

Neil to notify Critical Mass

8. Welford Road

No further information available – see what happens after the election.


  1. Steve – Leicester Healthy Air. Please join in the consultation
  2. Clare – Green Film Festival – May 3-10. Possible stall – Neil to coordinate
  3. Clare – Website lacking contact info. Forgotten who is looking at it!
  4. Peter – update on Bennion Rd

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AGM Report, 28 February 2015

Chairing: Elizabeth Barner and Clare Scott

Minutes: Anna Scull

Introduction: A brief introduction about LCCG and plan for the meeting. Committee that has been in place over the previous year introduced to the AGM.

Treasurer Report: Full report of in and out goings given out as a hand out. This year’s running total is £210. This money is from membership and donations primarily carried over from the previous year.

Campaigns Report: Mat Scull gave a talk on the main campaigns and consultations the group have been involved with over the last year. (Notes will be added soon.) Questions from the room included:

  • What are we doing about dangerous side roads/junctions, in particular Newarke Street – Marble Street and Granby Street – Northampton Street? The group continue to push these issues. In a meeting with the Mayor we discussed the dangerous junction on Newarke Street, highlighting the Cities own safety audit which clearly states there is an issue there. We were assured by the Mayor something significant was going to happen, we are still waiting to see what this would be. Given the difficulties in visibility at the location, our request was to block off Marble Street.
  • As a group are we being listened to / taken seriously by decision makers? This is dependent on who we are talking to, some officers are very good and are willing to meet and discuss our thoughts, however some are not. We have a good relationship with the Mayor which helps when we come across a difficult officer and often go straight to the Mayor.
  • Are we being successful with producing consultations to share with our members in the hope they will send more in to increase numbers? (numbers do count in the process) We have always managed to get an LCCG consultation in on time, however when possible we need to share the document earlier with the group so it can be cut and paste by more members as numbers do count.

Business Section: A request made to make two small changes to the constitution:

  • Change the date of the AGM from October to February/March and subsequently change the date for submission of proposed resolutions – no objections, all in agreement.
  • Change the name of the group: our constitution currently says Leicester Cycle Campaign Group, however our bank account says Leicester Cycling Campaign Group. Therefore we propose the constitution be changed to be in line with our bank account – no objections, all in agreement.

Both changes are agreed and the constitution is duly amended.

Voting procedure for the new committee: There will be slips of paper at the front of the hall for candidates to be proposed and then seconded.


Films: Two short films shown. The first briefly shows 20 top infrastructure projects around the world, the second by Streetfilms looks at America’s Love Affair with Great City Streets – Discussion followed

Attendees at the AGM were invited to write their responses to four questions:
1.  Why are you a member?

  • To bring together support that is out there, but may not be heard over the negativity
  • To improve cycle facilities and environment in Leicester City, to counter the car lobby.
  • To represent me in ways and in things that I may not have time to do individually.
  • To gather information, collate and lobby for better cycling facilities – so I can find out infrastructure news from one place instead of several.
  • Because we can achieve so much more together than we can as individuals. It’s really important to me to hear other people’s opinions and experiences as I form my own opinions on things related to cycling.
  • The more members the stronger the mandate the groups has when lobbying.
  • To be part of a bigger group – with lots of expertise, and more hope of achieving things.

2. What do you hope the campaign group will achieve?

  • Normalise cycling
  • Safer cycling
  • Create safe pleasant routes and a nicer city to live in
  • Joined up continuous, wide, safe cycle lanes throughout the city and feeder routes from within the shire.
  • Leading to greater numbers of people cycling and fewer cars on the road.
  • Make cycling more safe and friendly road users
  • More cycle friendly (8-80), space all across the city – right out to the edges.
  • Promote the inventors favourite invention for more normalising of bike use for all ages and classes.
  • Simply more bums on bikes around the car free city centre
  • To encourage planning and services etc to think about cyclists at the planning stage – more joined up.
  • Changes attitudes towards cyclists
  • Fix cycle city workshop to be more than just a council PR job.
  • Better cycle facilities on out skirts.
  • A nicer, safer city

3. If you were Mayor for the day what would you do to improve cycling in the city

  • All one way streets to have contra flow cycle lanes
  • More cycle lanes
  • Have a forceful conversation with Clive Loader to ensure the police effectively enforce traffic behaviour, cars and cyclists
  • Maintain our existing cycle routes, repaint road markings, cut back trees and bushes, fill pot holes, and resurface Forest Way.
  • Free bikes for the unemployed
  • Car free one mile radius of the city centre
  • Make everyone ride a bike for a day – would help change people’s attitudes to cyclists
  • Car free Sundays – start at DMU, Bede Island, then expand.
  • Bike parking in every city park.
  • Improve/develop Western Road, Wilberforce Road – bike lane and take cyclists off Narborough Road footpath.
  • Open a city centre bike maintenance coffee shop for the unemployed.
  • Close the centre ring to all private cars.

4.  What should we do for the elections in May?

  • Stress that we don’t just want to make biking look good on paper, be adventurous get out on your bike – all ages, all classes.
  • I plan to work for Peter Soulsby re – election campaign, so I am biased, but as a group we should publicise our support for the improvements in Leicester over his term, including cycling.
  • Get every candidate to give a statement on what they will do to make the streets in their area safer and healthier
  • Get a large group of cyclists together and have a demo in town demanding safer cycling
  • Ask all council candidates to tell us their vision / views on cycling in the city and publicise their answers, i.e. are you in favour of more segregated cycle lanes in the city? Are you in favour of reducing car use in the city?
  • Ask my Councillors to sign the new Bennion Road cycleways.
  • Ask councillors to sign up in support of a cycling manifesto for the city and publicise who has.
  • Support the Mayor but not too obviously.

Appointment of new Committee: The constitution allows for up to eight members of the committee. As only seven nominations were received, there was no need for an election.


  • Elizabeth Barner – proposed by Peter Everard / Seconded by Dave Warnock
  • Jaime McCutcheon – proposed by Steve Massey / Seconded by Dave Warnock
  • Mat Scull – proposed by Anna Scull / Seconded by Steve Massey
  • Eric Ludlow – proposed by Clare Scott / Seconded by Anna Scull
  • Neil Bastock – proposed by Clare Scott / Seconded by Steve Massey
  • Anna Scull – proposed by Dave Warnock / Seconded by Elizabeth Barner
  • Dave Warnock – proposed by Mat Scull / Seconded by Anna Scull

Vote taken, group happy with the seven new committee members, one space is still free.

The meeting ended and attendees were encouraged to join Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire (the alliance of which LCCG is a member) for the launch of their Healthy Air Manifesto in Orton Square from 1pm.

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