A word from our (former) Membership Secretary, Steve:

Not yet a member?

Consider joining us! Take a look at the rest of the website and get a feel for what sorts of things we’re involved in.

Remember that LCCG can always get involved in other ways of supporting the cyclists of Leicester if we have enthusiastic members that are prepared to take a lead. Maybe that person is you!

Even if you can’t give any time at all to working with us, we still need you as a member. The more people that we can speak for, the more powerful is our voice.

Becoming a member

Please do contact us at if you would like more information about the group or if you would like to become a member.  We do ask for a £2 joining fee, as this indicates a suitable level of commitment from our membership and also because it is our only source of income. Our group is very cheap to run as we all give our time for free but there are some costs (such as flyers, posters etc) and by asking for a joining fee – and getting more members, of course – we don’t have to spend half our time fund-raising!)

As of September 2016, you can pay your membership online here or come to one of our monthly meetings.

When you become a member, don’t worry about being sent endless numbers of e-mails. All correspondence that I send out to you is lovingly hand-crafted and usually a digest of lots of information. As the membership secretary, I am the only one who sends out messages to the wider membership list and, even if I wanted to, I don’t have time to send out loads of E-mails so you will only get an average of 3 or 4 a year and you won’t even get those if you don’t want to. As a member you will be invited to join our email discussion group so that you can be as involved as you want to be. As a member, you will also be very welcome at our regular meetings (see details on our home page).

Already a member?

Good for you! You should have received a welcome e-mail from me. If not then please do let me know (via The welcome e-mail contains all of the information that you need to know at the outset and contains an invitation to join our email discussion group.

I would encourage you to join the discussion group if you want to be actively involved in how the group operates and to contribute your ideas. You are also encouraged to attend our meetings. Although we do have a committee, we make all decisions about the group at regular meetings or, occasionally, through the discussion group. All members have an equal voice and you really can have your say in how the group functions. Don’t be afraid to attend meetings, we are a friendly bunch and as a member, you have as much right to attend and to have your voice heard as any of us.

Finally, our aim is to ‘make cycling normal’ in Leicester and surrounding areas. You are a part of that so please do let us have your ideas, suggestions and moans. Even better, see if you can help out with the ideas, suggestions and moans of the rest of us! That’s what being a member of LCCG is all about.

Steve stepped down as membership secretary in March 2016 due to other commitments. He is ably replaced by Jamie.