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Cyclists’ deaths in London have lesson for us

Our Press Officer, Eric Ludlow, has written a thoughtful piece following the recent deaths of cyclists in London, reflecting on what we can learn for cycling safely in Leicester.  It is published in the Leicester Mercury’s ‘First Person’ column.

Cyclists’ deaths in London have lessons for us
26 November 2013

Six cyclists have been killed in London in the past three weeks. That’s a  chilling statistic and there’s no escaping the deeply emotional impact that it  creates. It has led to demands for a range of measures to be taken immediately –  some aimed at cyclists, others at motorists.

I would prefer to look at what might have caused those deaths  and its  implications here in Leicester.


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Mercury: ‘cycling revolution’ will take more than competitions for cash

Following the news that Leicester’s bid for bike-cash didn’t make the final cut, the 14 August Mercury Opinion column points to the real change needed, with a little help from LCCG’s Eric Ludlow:

Mercury opinion: False start to cycling revolution

A major public relations operation accompanied a Government announcement on cycling investment on Monday. David Cameron was pictured with   Olympic stars Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton as he pledged £77m to improve cycling routes in a number of cities around the UK.

The Prime Minister said the investment marked the start of a “cycling revolution which will remove the barriers for a new generation of cyclists”.

The bad news, however, was that Leicester’s bid for a slice of this investment was unsuccessful.

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Cyclists do not deserve such Twitter abuse

LCCG’s Eric Ludlow reflects on current concerns over Twitter abuse and it’s effect on cyclists in the Leicester Mercury’s First Person column:


Cyclists do not deserve such Twitter abuse

Who do you hate? Not just dislike  or have little time for  but actively, angrily hate? The answer for many, it seems is cyclists. The spotlight is now on Twitter for giving a platform to those who want to verbally abuse women.

While all would condemn such  ill-treatment,  I would like to highlight here the part that the same social media outlet plays in the abuse of cyclists.

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