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September Minutes

Minutes from Monday 1st LCCG Meeting

Skyride Feedback :

35 new members signed up

Stall looked great – thanks to all those who helped put it together

T-shirts were great, just the right level of professionalism whilst still being approachable

Questions over was Phoenix the best location – It was the only location offered kindly by Sustrans who took care of public liability issues

Finances :

When Dennis is back from working away Anna will contact regarding payment from those who purchased a t-shirt. T-shirts not given out until we sort out payment

Another order may be required – Clare requested a change in the logo placement on the front of the t-shirt

The banner and cost of delivery will be covered by LCCG

Anna has a £25 invoice to give to Elizabeth for printing cost of flyers

All the kit including banners etc. is being stored at Pilot House, Anna and Elizabeth have access


A substantial amount of funding for the A50 is available to redevelop the corridor. Approx.: 10 million. Brendan, Mat and Eric did a site visit (see the doc by Brendan)

Comments from group – There is potential to make a great cycle corridor – lots of space. Key points – priorities at junctions . Andy proposed closing Abbey Gate (Andy will supply notes from the local access forum). Noted that it could link in very nicely with the canal corridor development.

Next step – work on the document, add examples ideally of this country. Then send into the lead officer for the A50 (Elizabeth to find some images / Mat and Anna to pull document together)

Discussion on how best to engage with the County Council – we have struggled before and not really been listened to. Decided that we should make the effort to engage particularly on the section between the station road roundabout and the Hospital Roundabout.

Local Access Forum:

Andy stated that LCCG would be welcome at the next local access forum on Monday 8th at 4.30 venue – Town Hall

London Road:

Elizabeth, Steve, Neil, Mat and Anna conducted a site visit (see London Road write up)

Next step – Mat to contact Peter Soulsby to chat through options / thoughts.

Be useful to have examples ideally in the UK of roads similar to London Road which have been improved for cycling i.e. floating bus stops

Newarke Street:

Contacted by a member who was knocked off along Newarke Street at the Marble Street junction.

The cyclist was travelling away from the city; the motorist had stopped partly on the bike lane and pedestrian footway waiting for a space. The cyclist continued along the cycle lane only for the motorist to pull out without checking both ways for cyclists!

The group commented that they have all been involved with near misses on that junction.

Discussion on options – signage i.e. stop sign (there is already a look both ways for cyclists sign) / A signalised junction / blocking Marble street to traffic (mainly rat running going on)

Eric will contact the individual involved, then with permission draft a press release. Ask the council for a meeting to discuss options

Cycle Parking on Humberstone Gate:

Poor placement of new cycle parking, completely blocks cyclist path and funnels both cyclists and pedestrians into the small entrance. It looks like the cycle parking is being used as a barrier for vehicles. A dropped kerb is required to allow bikes to continue along Humberstone Gate. Mat to contact Barry Pritchard

Cycle Strategy Consultation:

Mat has put together an LCCG response which members have added to. Comments – The importance of interim targets, perhaps every 2 years – To state where the funding will come from to deliver – i.e. 50% will be funded internally by the city council and the other 50 by funding bids. – A maintenance budget should be highlighted. Suggested that our response should be less of a dialogue and more direct. Response needs to be submitted this week – Mat.

West End Bike Group: A group based in the West End were successful in a funding bid to purchase some bikes from Cycle Magic a couple of years ago. They’re stored in a lock up near The Western. The group are looking for help to organise a bike loan type scheme. If anyone is interested please contact Steve Massey. Action – Steve to send out an email

CTC Request: A request from Elizabeth for ‘Space for Cycling’ quotes/info

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