Leicester Cycling Campaign Group is a pressure group formed in 2012 to improve conditions for people who cycle in and around Leicester.  With over 200 members, we represent a strong and independent voice for cyclists in the city and beyond. Our aim is to ‘make cycling normal’ by advocating for improvements to Leicester’s cycling infrastructure. We hope this will encourage more people to cycle for work and pleasure, leading to fewer cars on the city’s roads, less congestion and a safer environment for all.


At the beginning of this year, we sent a letter of congratulations to the City Council recognising the support for cycling and walking which they provided during the pandemic. Welford Road 4

We drew specific attention to the 10 miles of pop-up cycle lanes that had been installed at that point and our hope that all the pop-up cycle lanes would eventually become permanent parts of the cycling infrastructure.

We’ve just written another open letter to the Council but this time it is to express our disappointment that a significant number of the lanes have been removed without it being clear if or when something will replace them. We point out that it is “far easier to replace temporary infrastructure with permanent structures than to remove the temporary works completely and then rebuild at a later stage.” We are particularly concerned about stretches of Hinckley Road where the protective ‘cut-ins’ along stretches of shops, which we were told would remain, have also been removed. You can read the full text here and we will be following up with the Council through the regular Cycle City Workshops for reassurance that our concerns are being addressed.


Screenshot_2020-05-01-15-23-41~2The City and County Councils’ Choose How You Move website has useful information for new and not-so-new cyclists, including suggestions for ‘brilliant bike routes’ that have been checked out by British Cycling ride leaders. Also, check out the websites for national organisations like Cycling UK and British Cycling.

The Town Hall Bike Park remains open and is still free of charge. More on cycle parking here.


In normal times, we hold open meeetings every other month (February, April, June, August, October and December). All are welcome. We’ll post here and on our Facebook page when we’re able to restart these meetings.

If you’d like to get involved or for more information, see our Get Involved and Membership pages. And some of us will be showing up at Leicester Critical Mass (last Friday of the month, 6pm at Curve) when that gets going again.

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